Simon Cowell Made Fun Of This Gospel Singer — What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]


Simon Cowell can be a bit harsh sometimes when it comes to judging acts on ‘BGT.’ When Patrick George stepped onto the stage to audition in 2013, Simon was pretty harsh with his words. Check out the audition below that proved Simon wrong.

Simon Cowell Dissed ‘BGT’ Act But Was Surprised At What Happened Next

Simon asked Patrick what exactly his act was. “I am a gospel choir” Patrick declared. Simon questioned how he could be a choir if it was just him standing on the stage alone. “Did you eat them?” Simon asked. The audience proceeded to “boo” Simon after he made this remark.

“Where’s the rest?” Simon asked looking for the other choir members. Patrick hilarious licked his fingers which made everyone in the audience laugh. He revealed that he is a pastor. David Walliams asked if Patrick could “save Simon’s soul.” It was time for Patrick to shine with his act.

He gave a quick countdown before four of the choir memebers began singing up on the balcony above the audience. Patrick gestured to the other balcony where four more members of Incognito, a gospel choir appeared. The rest of the members joined Patrick up on stage in an incredible vocal performance that blew everyone’s minds. Everyone fully expected Patrick to be a solo act but the choir was truly amazing.


When they finished the song, they got one of the longest standing ovations from the audience ever. “That was incredible, my heart is still pounding,” Alesha Dixon said. “It was moving as well. I wouldn’t change anything about it, just perfect.”

“That was just so powerful and soulful and heartwrenching” Amanda Holden added. David said that the performance was so good that it made him want to go to church.

Everyone was waiting on the edge of their seats to see what Simon was going to say. “I thought you were absolutely fantastic,” Simon said. “I’ve got to tell you…one of the best choirs we’ve had on this show.”

Where Are They Now?

All four judges voted to put Incognito through to the next round. They performed once again in the Semi-Finals. Though their performance was another incredible showing of vocal talent, they were later eliminated from the competition.

After proving Simon wrong on ‘BGT,’ Incognito continued to perform at special events like weddings, church gatherings and parties with their stunning talent on display. The gospel singers even performed at model and television personality Katie Price’s wedding. Patrick posted late last year that he was running a recruitment workshop for UpMass Gospel Choir. He sang with them in a YouTube video posted in 2019.


Simon has certainly turned a new leaf over the years and has shown a more softer side when judging auditions on ‘BGT.’ What did you think of Incognito’s audition that had Simon completely shook?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

Samantha Agate is a contributor and host for Talent Recap on YouTube. She graduated from Hunter College in 2019 with a degree in Media Studies and a Concentration in Journalism. When she isn't binge-watching reality television shows or binge-eating fried food, she loves hanging out with her friends and family and petting puppies.

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