Shirtless Hunks Show Off Their Abs on ‘America’s Got Talent’!

Catherine DiMeglio
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America’s Got Talent brings joy to the homes of people across the nation each week. From magicians to singers, dog acts and beyond, AGT never ceases to amaze us with something new and exciting. There’s one thing the world’s greatest talent show is also known for: giving strong, shirtless men a time to shine. And hey, I’m not mad about it. Let’s take a look back at some acts that have showed us what they’re working with.

Positive Impact

This season, Positive Impact showed off their strength in style. Four friends who met at Muscle Beach, Cali., formed the group to inspire positivity. Their goal is to show people that you can recover from any injury. Travis Brewer, the groups’s leader, was even a finalist on American Ninja Warrior.

The audition featured an acrobatic routine that incorporated sets of barbells in their tricks. Before starting their act, Heidi Klum whispered to Howie Mandel that the guys “didn’t look like weigh-lifters” because she couldn’t see any muscles. It didn’t take long after that for Positive Impact to reveal their well trained physiques and impress the judges. Simon Cowell described the act as a gymnastics and danger act in one. The group ultimately earned four yeses from the panel and advanced to the nest round.

The Messoudi Brothers

This acrobatic trio made it to the semifinals of America’s Got Talent on season 14. The Australian born brothers blew away the judges with their powerful strength act. The family act started their training at the age of two. Taught by their father, they toured alongside him headlining some of the biggest shows in the world.

It’s no question that the Messoudi brothers definitely put on a show for their audience. They took a moment to pause and remove their white button-down shirts before continuing the act. Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough were visibly excited for this. After receiving a standing ovation from the judges, host Terry Crews decided to get in on the action. The equally fit male specimen took the stage alongside the brothers to perform one last trick with them. He was a great addition to the act, and also qualifies as a “shirtless hunk.”


These viral TikTok sensations tried their luck on the AGT stage this season. This group of studs has a whopping 2.3 million followers on the platform, all from their dance videos. Their act is kind of like Magic Mike meets Mariachi. The group had the judges in love, especially Sofia Vergara and Klum. Aside from their dancing, they also surprised the judges with their vocals at the beginning of the performance.


This past week, we saw these brothers take the AGT stage with their incredible strength act. The Colombian hand balancers had us all on edge with their dangerous routine. Now, what makes a dangerous act a little more bearable to watch? Shirtless men.

This high risk act has already been established and has performed all over the world. Rialcris’ last trick in the audition showed us all why they deserve to be in the competition. The brothers formed a perfect line of strength. The middle brother balanced the one at the top using just his foot! It’s something you need to see to believe, and you will. Rialcris received four astounding yeses and will go forward in the competition.

Rock Hard Revue

We had to save the best for last on this one. This is also the only act where being shirtless is the whole point of the act. The Orlando-based male revue decided that they needed to take the AGT stage to show off their fit physiques and solid choreography. All seven members performed perfectly in sync to Chris Brown’s “Turn Up the Music,” all the while driving the crowd insane.

Mandel seemed to get a little jealous and felt he needed to get in on the action. He too decided to strip for America, joining the guys up on stage in the end.

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