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Sherri Shepherd Says She’s Donating Her Old Pre-Surgery Bras To Drake: ‘Drake Needs Them’

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Breast reduction surgery can be a life-changing experience for many women. For talk show host Sherri Shepherd, it not only transformed her body but also inspired an act of kindness that caught the attention of none other than superstar Drake. At 56 years old, Shepherd decided to undergo breast reduction surgery, which not only transformed her own life but also led to a unique and charitable decision.

Sherri Shepherd is Sending Her Old Bras to Drake

As Shepherd revealed, she discovered that Drake has been collecting bras that fans throw at him during his concerts, with plans to auction them off. Instead of storing her old bras or giving them away to friends, Shepherd decided to send her collection to Drake. She believes that he could put them to good use.

These are not just any bras, though. Shepherd emphasized that these are her “big-boob bras,” reflecting her journey from a larger bust size to a more comfortable and proportionate one.

With the passage of time, Shepherd realized that her breasts, which she once cherished, were becoming a source of discomfort. They had become heavier, leading to grooves in her shoulders from the strain of bras. Clothes no longer fit her properly, and she experienced back pain.

For these reasons, Shepherd decided to take a significant step and undergo breast reduction surgery during the summer. She commented on how her new figure made her feel lighter. It also allowed her to sit up straight and enjoy a more proportioned body.

Nevertheless, the journey was not without its challenges. Shepherd faced a 12-week healing process, quite different from the quick recovery she might have experienced in her 20s. However, the comedian’s determination led her to bounce back, dedicating herself to exercise and healthy eating.


Drake Showcased His Collection of Bras, Shepherd Makes It Clear That Her’s Are “Grown Women Bras”

Drake recently posted a photo displaying the numerous bras he’s collected from his concerts, an unusual yet intriguing collection. This unique assortment of fan-tossed bras has caught the attention of Shepherd, who had decided to send her old “big-boob bras” to the artist earlier.

In her own words, Shepherd clarified the significance of her bras, emphasizing that they are different from those typically found in Drake’s collection.

“These are grown women’s bras, Drake, these are not 22-year-old women bras.” Shepherd said. “These are grown woman bras with good credit, OK?”

Drake’s unusual memorabilia collection continues to raise eyebrows and inspire unique contributions from his admirers. Shepherd’s light-hearted comment also adds a humorous twist to the ongoing story of her generous act.

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