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Sherri Shepherd Set to Undergo Breast Reduction This Summer

Sherri Shepherd at Variety's 2023 Power Of WomenGetty Images

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Sherri Shepherd is presently preparing herself for a major surgery over the summer. According to her, she has been planning to get her “boobies done” to ease some of her back pains.

Sherri Shepherd is Preparing for Breast Reduction This Summer

Speaking with ET on Tuesday, the 55-year-old talk show host revealed that her back problems are urging her to get a breast reduction. Such is one of the common reasons why most women decide to avail the procedure.

“I think I’m getting my boobies done. I think I’m getting a little reduction because my back is starting to hurt, so that’s a big one,” she said.

This announcement came weeks after Shepherd suffered from an “eye-popping wardrobe malfunction” during an episode of her daytime talk show. Particularly, the pin binding her dress together suddenly popped, exposing some of her chest area.

“Coming out, you know, on daytime sometimes it’s too much,” she said of her breasts. “So, before the doors open, Willie [her stylist] said, ‘It’s too much boob!'”

During the same episode, Shepherd poked fun of her stylist as she was trying to fix her outfit. Pointing to her breasts, she told the studio audience that they were real “heavy” and thus going to pull the dress forward no matter what.


She Prioritizes Good Health, Weight Loss This Time

Over the past months, Shepherd has been candid on Instagram as regards her journey towards healthy living. The talk show host has been uploading videos of herself while at the gym, powering through weights and finishing exercise sets.

“Going to the gym was the LAST thing I wanted to do, but if I don’t have my health then there will be no standup comedy or future opportunities. PERIODT!!!” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Before, Shepherd told People Magazine that she gained some pounds amid the pandemic. Realizing this soon after, she knew that she needed a change in lifestyle. She began with a pushup challenge which she did with her friends, then proceeded to modify her diet. In April 2021, Shepherd happily announced that she lost 20 pounds.

“My goal was 15 lbs but I just hit 20 lbs! It’s been a journal of mental self talk… believing in my worth… knowing my son Jeffrey needs his Momma healthy & whole and wanting to live a life filled w joy,” wrote.

From there, Shepherd took boxing classes, hoping to improve her health more. Evidently, the television personality has been maximizing her workouts as she’s getting more focused towards her goal.

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