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Sharpe Family Singers Releases Behind The Scenes Footage Of Their ‘AGT’ Experience

Sharpe Family Singers Audition for 'America's Got Talent'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

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The Sharpe Family Singers, a New Jersey vocal group, recently released a behind-the-scenes video of their audition for America’s Got Talent. The video, which was posted to the group’s YouTube channel, gives viewers a glimpse of the family’s journey. From receiving the call from Terry Crews to performing their rendition of “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana in front of the judges.

Sharpe Family Singers Release Behind The Scenes Of Their AGT Experience

The video begins with each family member sharing their excitement about the opportunity. Then, they show their hours and days of practice, leading up to the audition.

On the day of their audition, the family arrived at the theater and warmed up their voices before heading inside. They were then interviewed by Terry Crews, who they said was “huge” and “had really big arms.” After the interview, they filmed some b-roll footage outside the theater before heading inside to audition.

The video then cuts to The Sharpe Family backstage, where they can be seen waiting to go on stage. They are all clearly nervous, but they are also determined to do their best. When it is finally their turn to perform, they deliver a powerful rendition of “How Far I’ll Go.” The crowd loves their performance, and the judges are impressed. In the end, the Sharpes receive four “yes” votes and advance to the next round of competition.

The behind-the-scenes video gives viewers a glimpse of the hard work and dedication that the Sharpe Family Singers put into their AGT audition. It also shows the family’s excitement and determination to succeed. The video has been well-received by viewers, with many people commenting on the Sharpes’ talent and positive attitude.


Their Performance Was Called “Perfection” By AGT Judges

New Jersey’s Sharpe Family Singers took the stage as the opening act on AGT, and delivered their lively performance. The family, consisting of mom, dad, daughter, and three sons, had already gained popularity on social media platforms like TikTok during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barbra and Ron Sharpe, who met 30 years ago while performing on Broadway, have a rich background in theater. They sang Broadway songs across the country, and their children eventually joined them on their musical journey. The family’s talent and viral success led to millions of followers on various social media platforms.

After their audition, despite judge Howie Mandel admitting that musical theater was not typically his preference, he expressed his admiration for the family’s authentic and captivating performance. Heidi Klum, herself a mother of four, confessed that the Sharpe Family Singers were living her dream of performing together as a family.

Simon Cowell, though unable to speak due to losing his voice, conveyed through Vergara that their performance was reminiscent of the quintessential American spirit, comparing it to “apple pie.” With their infectious energy and undeniable talent, the Sharpe Family Singers left a lasting impression on the AGT stage.

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