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The Recap Room: Spilling The AGTea – Dave Chappelle on ‘AGT’?!

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America’s Got Talent returned to NBC on June 27 with a Golden Buzzer-less episode. This variety episode showed off the strengths and weaknesses of the series. This season, Talent Recap staff members will take turns talking about AGT on our new podcast, The Recap Room.

The fourth episode of The Recap Room features Talent Recap video editor Julian Meja, thumbnail designer Arda Oztoprak, video producer Dan Swan, and website managing editor/YouTube host Corey Cesare. Within the podcast, the team talks about their opinions on the third episode of AGT season 18.


To Be Honest… “This Episode Was a Snoozefest”

On June 27, AGT premiered their first season 18 episode without a Golden Buzzer. The night featured various variety performers, yet it failed to impress our team as a whole. Here’s the team’s favorites and least favorites.

The acts that stood out were Adrian Stoica and Hurricane, Erica Coffelt, M, and Sangsoon Kim. Adrian Stoica and Hurricane was easily the group’s favorite act of the night. Hurricane was able to take one hidden command and perform the entire routine to perfection. Generally speaking, Erica Coffelt was a slay, but her act was nothing groundbreaking. Nonetheless, the group respected the fact that dance doesn’t always look like her, yet she’s trying her best to make a place for herself in the industry.

The group loved M, but wished the performance was longer, since it was so quirky. Lastely, was Sangsoon Kim, who the group loved. This magician’s tricks were extremely impressive, to the point where everyone loved him.


Favorites of the Night

The acts the group didn’t fully agree upon were Sharpe Family Singers, Trailer Flowers, and Ryland Petty. The Sharpe Family Singers were definitely talented, but the song choice was ultimately what led the group to disagree on this act. The group was more or less split down the middle on if they loved the group or not. In general, they’re excited to see what Sharpe Family Singers brings next time around.

Corey was a fan of Trailer Flowers, but no one else seemed to be. She thought that Trailer Flowers’ second song was totally deserved, since the first didn’t really show off their vocals. The second song instead showed off their skills as not only singers but songwriters.

In all, the group felt like Ryland Petty’s act took quite a bit of time. Although his magic was good, it was hard to stay interested in the lengthy audition. In addition, the group was confused as to how the revealed word was written on the judges’ desk. It took a few of us out of the performance, but not in a good way, unfortunately.

Where The Group Disagreed

The group was indifferent for the most part about Chen Lei, and Lachuné. Chen Lei‘s hand balance act was good, but since we’ve seen acts like this, but crazier in the past, he wasn’t ground breaking. In the same vein, Lachuné was such an impressive singer, but some of the group would’ve rather seen her perform on American Idol.

While discussing the episode, Julian and Arda were open, admitting that they didn’t watch the auditions of Justin Jackson, Barry Brewer Jr, and Ryan Hayashi. Corey and Dan both absolutely loved Justin Jackson, Barry Brewer Jr, and Ryan Hayashi.

We’re excited to see each of the performers from this episode on stage again. Let us know what you thought of this episode in the comments down below!

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