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Shakira Faces Another Major Heartbreak Amid Gerard Pique Split

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Shakira has had her fair share of challenges in the past year but the Colombian singer and songwriter is no stranger to heartbreak. Recently, her mother Nidia Ripoll was rushed to the hospital after being diagnosed with a blood clot linked to deep vein thrombosis.

Shakira’s Mother Got Hospitalized With a Blood Clot

Shakira’s latest heartbreak comes in the form of her mother’s medical emergency, as Ripoll was rushed to the hospital with a blood clot that is reportedly linked to deep vein thrombosis. This comes just months after her father’s hospitalization following a fall.

On top of that, Shakira also went through a tough split with ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique, with whom she was in a relationship for 11 years. Despite the heartbreak, the former couple agreed on a custody agreement that ensures their children’s welfare.

Despite all these challenges, Shakira has remained strong and resilient. She has not let these heartbreaks define her or hold her back from pursuing her dreams and passions. Instead, she has channeled her pain and struggles into her music. Using it as a creative outlet to express herself and connect with her fans.

Shakira’s powerful and inspiring music frequently addresses themes of love, heartbreak, and resilience, earning her a reputation as a renowned artist. As we send our thoughts and prayers to Shakira and her family during this difficult time, let’s also take inspiration from her example and keep pushing forward, no matter what challenges we may face.

Gerard Pique Said He’s ‘Very Happy’ Following The Shakira Split

Pique, the former Barcelona and Spain star, has opened up about his split from Colombian pop sensation Shakira. With whom he shares two children, and his new relationship with 23-year-old Clara Chia.

The footballer announced his retirement from football last year. Despite the acrimonious split from Shakira, he feels “very happy” and he doesn’t worry about his public image. In recent months, Shakira has released diss tracks aimed at Pique and his new girlfriend. However, Pique has refused to engage with her comments, shutting down a question about her during a recent interview.

“The people I worry about and love are the ones that know me, I don’t care about the rest.” Pique said. “I channel my energy into being with my people and giving them what I have.”

Pique has emphasized the importance of being true to oneself. He has also said that he isn’t willing to spend money to improve his image. He believes that by doing what he wants, he will be able to look back on his life without any regrets.

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