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Paula Abdul’s ‘Head Over Heels’ Still Keeps Us Dancing 26 Years After Release

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Former American Idol judge Paula Abdul recently celebrated the 26th anniversary of her album Head Over Heels. The 1995 release was Abdul’s third studio album, and she’s described it as a very personal project, following struggles with bulimia and her 1994 divorce.

The album features three singles, and is packed with danceable pop songs and emotional ballads alike. On Sunday, Abdul posted an old interview in which she spoke about the “process of being able to channel my emotions and my personal ups and downs through the album.”

Paula Abdul’s ‘Head Over Heels’ Album Still Has Us Dancing

Head Over Heels opens with the album’s three singles. “Crazy Cool” is the kind of track that has you swaying in your seat as you listen. Appropriate to the title, Abdul sounds “crazy cool” on the song, singing, “You’re like a long, cool glass of lemonade / Bitter, sweet, and I want you so bad it hurts.”

The song’s music video only adds to the coolness, as Abdul shows off her amazing dance talent, accessorized by a cane. Another single, “Ain’t Never Gonna Give You Up,” is another up-tempo track in which Abdul reminds us of Rick Astley’s 1987 classic with a vibe all her own.

“My Love Is For Real” shows off a different sound for Abdul, drawing from Middle Eastern influences and featuring backing vocals from Israeli singer Ofra Haza. The first word that comes to mind to describe the album’s three singles is sexy.

This vibe continues on other tracks, including a song literally called “Sexy Thoughts.” Other tracks that have us dancing include “Love Don’t Come Easy,” “Ho-Down,” “Get Your Groove On,” and “It’s All About Feeling Good.”



Abdul Gets Emotional on the Album’s Ballads

Although most of Head Over Heels is up-tempo and even funky (especially “The Choice Is Yours,” “Under the Influence,” and “I Never Knew It”), there are a few ballads thrown into the mix as well. In the first, “If I Were Your Girl,” Abdul tells the object of her affection that she would be better for them than their current lover.

Another track, called “Missing You,” features Abdul singing longingly about someone she’s broken up with but still loves. But perhaps the best ballad on the album is the closing song, “Cry For Me.” It’s the kind of track you want to slow-dance to at prom, in the best way.

“Cry for me / Pray that I can somehow see / I have nothing left to cry for you,” Abdul sings on the sensitive song.

Head Over Heels was Abdul’s final studio album. Listening to it 26 years later, we’d love to hear another LP from her. She definitely still has the moves, so why not put out some new music to go with it?

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