Which ‘American Idol’ Winner Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

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From Kelly Clarkson to Chayce Beckham, American Idol has launched the careers of a variety of performers. Over 19 Seasons and two networks, the show is known for finding major talent and creating mega stars.

Are you a multi-talented megastar? or a performer ready to head home and get to writing some new music? American Idol has seen every type of performer.

The first winner, Kelly Clarkson, has famously gone on to judge The Voice, host her own talkshow, and create new music in her own style. Other winners seem to enjoy the Idol ride, but head back to their normal lives once the cameras are off.

Season 19 winner, Chayce Beckham has been updating fans on social media since his recent win. He’s just announced that he’ll be heading out on tour with Three Doors Down and that he has plans to move to Nashville with his fellow Season 19 contestants.

Idol has already been renewed for yet another season. While the judging panel has not yet been announced, we can expect another whirlwind season filled with drama, talent, and the realization of dreams.


Taylor Fox
Taylor Fox

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