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Paula Abdul Recalls Psychic’s Incredible ‘American Idol’ Prediction

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Three years prior to being one of the original judges on American Idol, Paula Abdul knew what was coming. Apparently, a psychic predicted that the show was in her future, and they were totally right.

Paula Abdul Says a Psychic Predicted Her American Idol Role

Looking back, the pop star is in awe of the prediction’s accuracy. In her most recent appearance on Talking in Circles With Clint Black, Abdul willingly told her fascinating story.

“I remember getting a gift certificate from someone I worked with,” she said. “The psychic told me that I would be doing a talent show, and this is three years prior to American Idol.”

According to the singer, she kept on refusing to believe the prediction. She said, at the time, her only reference for a talent competition show was Star Search. Prior to the American Idol premiere, she was busy pitching other TV shows and creating music. However, despite her lack of faith, the psychic insisted that the prediction will eventually ring true.

“She goes, ‘Honey, you willed it to happen,'” she said. “‘It’s going to be the biggest thing in the world. You think your music’s big? Nothing compared to…you have no idea.'”

Abdul went on to state that the psychic said it would be “the hardest job of your life” and that she’d be “sitting next to an a**hole from across the pond.”

It’s not the first time that Abdul detailed this unforgettable experience. Back in March, she told former Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson during The Jennifer Hudson Show about the story. In this appearance, she said that the psychic foresaw that “a gentleman to the right of me that I already know,” his name starting with the letter R.

Years after, in 2002, Abdul found herself sitting between music mogul Simon Cowell and music producer Randy Jackson, serving as judges on American Idol. The reality show became a global juggernaut, amassing millions of viewers per episode during its first years.

She Partnered with Online Psychic Network Psychics101

Abdul also talked about the same encounter on the podcast Inside Of You with Michael Rosenbaum. During that time, she revealed that the woman behind the prediction was Los Angeles psychic Dolores Cardelucci. She’s been famous as a sought-after advisor to celebrities and who frequently appeared on Extra TV.

The prediction story apparently convinced her to put an inch of faith on tarots and clairvoyants. In February, she has officially been named as partner of the popular psychic platform, Psychics1on1.

“It’s served me very well. I am just really all about spiritual guidance and these amazing people have helped me,’ she said. “Sometimes you just need a little bit of guidance and advice.”

Psychics1on1 is a digital marketplace that allows spiritual advisors and healers to communicate directly with clients. It is a pay-for platform that allows users to connect with more than 3,300 professionals via text, phone, or video.

“It’s a new take on how to access this kind of guidance,” Abdul said. “These are cool, incredible people and it’s just it’s a wonderful outlet I feel people can tap into.”

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