Fans Have Mixed Reviews on ‘The Four’ Winner Evvie McKinney’s First Single

Kyle Montplaisir | Talent Recap

Last night, The Four crowned its season two champion, James Graham! The epic season finale also included a special performance from season one winner, Evvie McKinney! Evvie debuted her first single, “How Do You Feel” on the show. Fans instantly reacted to her new song, but the feedback has been very mixed ever since. In case you missed it, here is her performance:

It’s clear to see why she won The Four last season. Evvie has a powerful voice and an emotional connection to everything she sings! And the judges were obviously loving her performance! A number of fans online were too. One viewer on our YouTube channel said:

Good song, nice melody. I like it. I can feel the pain from her voice in this song. Congrats Evvie!!!

The responses on Twitter have included a lot of praise as well!

Plus, the success of the song goes beyond social media. “How Do You Feel” is in the top 100 on the iTunes charts! Currently, it’s sitting at #88, which isn’t the best it could be, but nothing to scoff at. Clearly fans have been patiently waiting for her new music and they finally got what they asked for!

But not all the initial reactions were positive. Hearing her single now, I wonder if this song would’ve gotten her the crown if she sang it in the finale last season. I’m not the only one a little disappointed by this slow jam either. It seems like the consensus of people who don’t like the song were expecting something more upbeat. After all, Evvie did KILL “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner last season. I would say that was her most iconic performance on the show!

Ouch! In our own Twitter poll, just under a third of the people who responded said they were feeling Evvie’s debut single. The others said they were unsure about it. Many fans compared it to Zhavia‘s new single, “Candlelight,” saying that “How Do You Feel” doesn’t stack up. Others blame the producers for not giving her a banger. A few blame Meghan Trainor herself for giving her a cookie cutter song and production team. Personally, I would’ve loved to hear an upbeat song as well, but I don’t think her single is bad by any means! Evvie McKinney is clearly very talented but has a lot of work ahead of her.


Kyle Montplaisir
Kyle Montplaisir

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