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Meet TikTok Sensation Danielle Cetani, One of the First Ever ‘Alter Ego’ Contestants

Danielle Cetani Alter EgoFox/YouTube

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This 39 year-old singer is a jack of all trades and is sure to be your favorite contestant on Alter Ego this season. Danielle Cetani characterizes herself as a mother, singer, hair stylist, DIY lover, and chef. TikTok absolutely adores her, so it’s only a matter of time until the Alter Ego judges and audience do too.

Alter Ego premieres after The Masked Singer on FOX on September 22. Danielle happily shared to her social media accounts that she will be competing in the first season of the show. She is featured in multiple previews of the new show, so it’s really cool that she’s now able to share her experience on social media.

In the comments of a photo of she and her daughter snuggled up, Danielle clarified that she had been away from her family for two months to film the show. She said while it was an amazing experience, she’s happy to be home now that filming is over.


Danielle’s Journey Auditioning for Singing Competitions

Danielle got her beginning on social media in 2012 when she posted her first performance to YouTube. The performance is of “Like My Mother Does” by Idol star, Lauren Alaina, it takes place at The Destiny Christian Church in Rocklin, CA. Ever since, she’s posted a slew of videos featuring her vocals.

Danielle posted a satire TikTok sharing her experiences with the audition process of some of our favorite shows. In this video, she shares that she has auditioned four times, for four different shows. She says that the process was extremely awkward. This TikTok showed that the producers aren’t necessarily paying attention in some auditions. Producers in these auditions told her each time that she wasn’t what they were looking for.

Although the TikTok did not directly link not being what they’re looking for to her physical appearance, the comment section jumped on to it. Danielle clarified in the comments that she was different ages, had different hairstyles, and was different sizes in each of her four auditions.


Duet with @pat.smith85 Hi, I’m here to try out for the band? 😬 #ComeTogether #Beatles DanielleCComeTogether#JustAddBriskZero

♬ original sound – Danielle Cetani

Alter Ego‘s entire series is about great voices and people who have had their voices overlooked because of something else. If I’m being honest, I think Danielle is the perfect person for this show. After watching a bunch of her TikToks it’s clear that she is extremely talented.

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