Meet Jay Miah the ‘Alter Ego’ Singer Who Turned No Chairs on ‘The Voice’

Corey Cesare
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After recent previews of Alter Ego, and multiple lists of who’s on the show, one name really stood out. Jay Miah. Not only do they have a great look, but their name sounded familiar. Jay Miah was such a familiar name because they auditioned for The Voice in 2019.

Jay Miah didn’t make it into the competition, but the coaches also didn’t realize what was standing right in front of them. In the audition, they sang “Never Enough” from the film, The Greatest Showman. They performed a beautiful rendition of this song too, so I’m really surprised none of the coaches turned their chair.

Instead of choosing them for their team, coaches Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton said that the singer’s voice was amazing. Excuse me?!

Jay seriously killed this cover, so I’m not sure why the coaches didn’t want them. Clarkson and Stefani really seemed to feel guilty for not turning their chairs. Stefani even went up and hugged Jay!

Even though Stefani said she felt dumb for not turning her chair, it doesn’t let her off the hook for ignoring Jay’s beautiful voice. Considering the reaction by both of the coaches, I’d say this audition was later in the series. They seemed to be more picky about who they were choosing for their teams.

The coaches even told them to audition again. After the coaches’ suggestions, I’m interested to see how Jay’s music has evolved since his audition. Also laughing that he decided to try out a different show instead of returning to The Voice.

Jay Miah Performs as Nevaeh King on Alter Ego

Although Jay Miah was a loss for The Voice, they’ll happily rock the stage in Alter Ego. Since their 2019 audition, they haven’t stopped performing. They’ve actually continued to perform in the same way that they shared on The Voice — in drag! On Alter Ego, Jay will perform as Nevaeh King and show the world what they’ve been missing out on.

In Jay’s spare time, they love to perform as a drag queen. Alter Ego is giving them the chance to take their appearance out of the competition and truly compete with only their voice. But at the same time, the show could be helping them be who they want to be.

Although we’re unsure if their character is supposed to represent Jay’s love of drag or not, I still think they’d be a shoo-in for RuPaul’s Drag Race. I really hope to see them go far in this competition, then end up on the iconic drag show. After seeing their drag outfits on Instagram I think RuPaul would repeatedly tell Jay “shantay you stay.”

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