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Meet Captain Ruin, The Punk Daredevil Who Quit ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ Finale

Captain Ruin on 'AGT All-Stars'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

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Captain Ruin was a punk-rock knife thrower who took the stage of Australia’s Got Talent back in 2019. This ultra-dangerous act has gotten everyone curious and disappointed when he refused to show up during the season’s finale. Now, he’s coming back stronger but this time, on AGT All-Stars.

Captain Ruin Explores His Carnival-Punk Aesthetic Through Knife-Throwing

Outside of the showbiz, Captain Ruin is known as Mitch Jones. At this point in his career, he has over a decade of experience as a daredevil and professional unusualist. Throughout these years, he has created death-defying yet comical circus routines. Ultimately, his shows aim to “make people lost in the moment.”

“I see a lot of darkness in the world so I take joy in how punk culture kicks against that,” he said.

Admittedly, Captain Ruin employs a rebellious aspect in his acrobatic routines. According to him, this style makes his acts more accessible and enjoyable for audiences. True enough, when he appeared in Australia’s Got Talent, both judges and viewers were on the edge of their seats during his performance. His act consisted of throwing knives with his partner and human target, Jacqueline Furey. In the last seconds of his audition, he attempted to throw two knives around Furey, successfully doing so.

He Mysteriously Exited Australia’s Got Talent Finale

In the Semifinals, Captain Ruin impressed the crowd further. His act comprised hurling multiple knives at a moving target placed directly in front of an inflated balloon. The dangerous catch to this is that, if one blade pierces the balloon, a 300kg piano above him would drop, giving him just one second to escape. Impressively, he finished his act unscathed. Guest judge Joel Creasey was evidently stunned, thus pressing his Golden Buzzer and sending him straight to the Finale.

“I am interested in what you do next, this goes against every fibre of my being but I do think you could be Australia’s winner,” Creasey said.

When the Finale came about, Captain Ruin failed to turn up. Host Ricki-Lee Coulter didn’t explain why he was absent, leaving his fans concerned about him. Until now, the reason for his mysterious exit remains a blur.

Captain Ruin Returns for AGT All-Stars

Today, Captain Ruin is among the 60 talented acts competing in America’s Got Talent, AGT All-Stars. He confirmed this on Instagram last October, teasing a photo of himself with the show’s wallpaper as background.

“From a garage in Coburg to a Hollywood film studio – here’s to chasing mad dreams and bringing big ideas to life!” he wrote.

If you want to witness Captain Ruin’s journey in AGT All-Stars, tune in on the competition this January.

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