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This ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ Comedian Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

He Huang auditions for 'Australia's Got Talent''Australia's Got Talent' via YouTube

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With her self-depreciating jokes and uncomplicated expressions, you wouldn’t think that it’s her first time performing in front of a huge crowd. He Huang is an Australia’s Got Talent comedian who effortlessly earned hearty laughs from the audiences and judges during audition

He Huang Gags Australia’s Got Talent with her Stand-Up Comedy

The Chinese comedian started her act by introducing herself and making fun of how it is spelled and pronounced. Uttering the first few lines, she instantly hit the audience’s funny bone and got judge Alesha Dixon to laugh loudly.

“Look, guys. I’m really sorry for the Covid,” He said. “I’m sorry for it but I didn’t do it. I was here the whole time.”

The audiences got no response but genuine and happy snickers for her jokes. When she proceeded to ridicule herself even more, the crowd energetically expressed their reactions, showing their enthusiasm over the comedy act.

He Huang is a 32-year-old Chinese who moved to Sydney, Australia three years ago to chase a good life. Currently, she is an employee in a technology company. Regarding her work as “kinda boring,” she escapes the monotony of her job through comedy.

“My dream is to be professional in what I do and make a living out of it,” she said. “And yeah, make my parents proud.”

He Huang is particularly a David Walliams fan, aiming to win over the judge who also happened to be a comedian. Understandably, He wants him to validate her comic antics.


Her Jokes Reach People, Transcend Cultures

Successfully, she won over Walliams’ approval. The judge even deemed her to be one of the funniest comedians to ever join the show.

“It all felt so original as well because you’ve got such an interesting point of view and all the jokes come from you, don’t they?” Walliams said.

Remarkably, He’s hilarious jokes catered the Western culture. As a Chinese who practically grew up in an Asian household, her perspective in comedy was smart enough to satisfy multiple tastes.

“You blew the roof off this place. Every joke was amazing,” Dixon commented.

Consequently, He Huang received four yeses from the judging panel which means the crowd will see her in the next round of the competition. With her audition setting a high standard for her next performance, He Huang is yet to offer another act of natural goofiness on stage.

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