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‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: An Emotional Reveal and Metamorphosis


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We’re getting down to the wire on The Masked Singer with only seven celebrities left. And tonight, the second professional singer in a row was unmasked!

But before we spoil anything, let’s get into tonight’s recap of The Masked Singer.

Butterfly vs. Fox


Clues: The Butterfly says she’s “used to sharing the stage with giants” while a football is shown. She claims that here, she feels herself getting “stronger than [she] ever was before,” calling it a “metamorphosis.” A teapot is shown that says “HOT 100.” She mentions being on stage and a Playbill is shown with a Pyramid on it. The Butterfly says she “comes with spirit” and closes by saying, ” if you want my future, forget my past.”

Performance: To kick off the night, Butterfly sang “Sorry Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato. Now THIS is an anthem! She crushed the vocals, hitting crazy high notes and jumping up and down on stage with energy. You could tell she was feeling it!

Judges’ Guesses: Michelle Williams, Monica, Leona Lewis, Kerry Washington


Clues: The Fox says the judges are “hot on [his] tail.” He is seen playing a piano with his “little one.” He says foxes are “cunning and strong, but sometimes underestimated.” The Fox says he’s experienced that a lot in his career! Guys in white morph suits dance around them. Then, a chalkboard saying, “Yes, and” is displayed on screen. He finally feels the world see him as a “true blue superhero.”

Performance: After the tough competition to start, Fox stripped down the theatrics and performed “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton. To be honest, I think this was his best performance so far. The dancer and staging were perfect and this was a breakout moment for him. After weeks of dancing and having high energy, this was a welcomed change. And he proved that he really can do it all!

Judges’ Guesses: AJ McLean, Jamie Foxx, Taye Diggs

Now, the audience and judges voted on the winner of Butterfly vs. Fox. And Fox was victorious, meaning Butterfly would have to sing for her life later on The Masked Singer tonight! Then, we had to see who she’d go up against.

Thingamajig vs. Tree


Clues: Thingamajig is “used to hustlin’ every single day.” He is seen marrying himself at an altar while talking about committing. But he claims Nicole will “always be [his] second pick.” Thingamajig holds up two records, then mentions being “laser focused.” He sets down a note reading, “To: My Love, From: Maryland.”

Performance: Singing “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble, Thingamajig was uncharacteristically shaky here. I don’t think the song was the best choice for him, but he still has a solid voice. This style is different from anything else he’s done before, so you gotta give him that.

Judges’ Guesses: Montell Jordan, Bryan McKnight, Dennis Rodman


Clues: The Tree “can’t believe” she’s still standing. She is seen dancing around a house and there’s a sign that says “What is a friend?” while she mentions a smelly cat. The Tree says “the spotlight is DYNAMITE” and dances with a stick of dynamite. She says, “OPA!” As she moves into the kitchen, a witch’s hat and soup cans are seen on the island.

Performance: Though she says she’s shocked to still be around, Tree always rises to the occasion. This time around, she sang “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Raitt. And she CRUSHED it! Some of those high notes were insane and that is not an easy tune to carry. She pulled it off with confidence and pleasantly surprised the viewers and audience.

Judges’ Guesses: Lisa Kudrow, Ana Gasteyer, Nia Vardalos, Megan Mullally

After the performances, the audience voted and Thingamajig was sent to the Smackdown. He would face off against Butterfly to keep his mask on!

SMACKDOWN: Butterfly vs. Thingamajig

First to go was Butterfly, singing “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. This is a pedal to the metal song and she does well with it. But the song has been covered so many times and this got a little scream-y at places. She’s clearly a talented vocalist, but the song choice didn’t do her any favors.

Trying to win the Smackdown, Thingamajig sang “Caught Up” by Usher next. He was having fun with the performance and even shook his tail feather at Butterfly! It was fun to see him do a more upbeat song, since he’s been doing mostly ballads.

The Tenth Celebrity Reveal!

When it came time to vote, the Butterfly lost and was eliminated. While she had a great season, tonight was just not her night. The judges put in their final guesses and she was revealed to be…


Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child! THREE of the five judges predicted this one correctly (but, unsurprisingly, not Ken Jeong). That might be a record for them though! And the emotional moment Michelle had at the end talking about what a big moment this is for her was really special to watch.

Tune in again next week when The Masked Singer returns on Tuesday AND Wednesday night on FOX. The season two finale will air the week after!

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