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Lionel Richie Reveals Origin Story of His Signature Mustache

Lionel Richie on the 'American Idol' red carpetPhoto by: ABC/Stewart Cook

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Grammy Award-winning artist Lionel Richie is undeniably most recognized for the distinct shape of his mustache. Yet, before he settled with such iconic style, he initially thought he screwed his look up.

Lionel Richie Explains The Inspiration of His Iconic Mustache

If there’s one thing Richie was sure of, it’s that he never intended to be a mustache trendsetter. The musician recently talked about his signature look, saying that prior to fame, he only styled it out of boredom.  

“My mustache has always been my signature. And I didn’t really realize it was going to be my signature,” he said. “But it started from a very simple equation, which is called, I’m in a hotel room for seven hours before I do a show. I am obsessed with a mirror. And all of a sudden, one day someone gave me one of those five-time [magnifying] mirrors. And that messed me up for life.”

Apparently, the singer, who recently launched his Easy Like Sunday Morning fragrance on HSN, admitted to being meticulous when it comes to his mustache. Particularly, Richie likes his stash symmetrical as much as possible.

“I’m the guy who obsesses over the fact of is it equal on the left side? On the right side?” he said.

At 74 years old, Richie is very much energetic and tireless. That, he accounts to his healthy grooming techniques.

“If I can get eight hours of sleep, as much water as I can possibly drink without overdoing it, three meals a day, and, for the most part, the rest of it is kind of built into my business, which is exercise. Two hours a night on a full stage,” he said.

He Shares How He Navigates Stress

Apart from his active and conscious lifestyle, Richie also makes sure he’s dealing with stress the right way. The “All Night Long” singer then revealed that he follows one logical tip his doctor gave.

“When they always say stress free, a doctor gave me the greatest advice one day about stress. He said, the day you’re stressed and pain free, you’re dead. So it’s how you navigate your stress,” he said.

Thus, apart from music, Richie makes himself busy with other stuff including gardening and creating fragrances.  

“And so what I do is when you see me doing the fragrances like I’m doing now, my gardens and my planting and stuff, my design, my artwork — I should say architecture stuff — I’m that guy,” he said. “So I find as many ways as I can create as possible, and that’s my bliss.”

Richie has most recently sported his fashion sense when he escorted daughter Sofia Richie Grainge down the aisle at her wedding to music executive Elliot Grainge.

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