Kelly Clarkson Has ‘Hit Rock Bottom’ During Divorce From Brandon Blackstock

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Kelly Clarkson always has a lot on her plate hosting The Kelly Clarkson Show and coaching on The Voice. She puts on a brave face on camera and is the comedic relief viewers need whenever she is on television. Things in her personal life have turned a bit sour as her divorce from Brandon Blackstock has been an emotional rollercoaster.

Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce From Brandon Blackstock Is Heated

Kelly filed for divorce back in June citing “irreconcilable differences.” The pair were married for nearly 7 years and have two children together. She has spoken about how hard divorce has been on The Kelly Clarkson Show but sources close to her are saying that is only half of the story. “She’s not in the best place emotionally,” a source told Ok! Magazine.

“One day, she just started crying uncontrollably,” another source says. “She felt so lost, so alone. That’s when she knew she’d hit rock bottom.” Kelly was previously hit with a lawsuit from the Blackstock families company Starstruck Management Group for $1.4 million in unpaid commissions. She fired back at the company with her own lawsuit alleging that she is owed “unconscionable fees” for “illegal services.”


Kelly is stunned that things have taken such a nasty turn,” the source continues. “All she wanted was to get out of the relationship, but Brandon’s made it extremely difficult to walk away peacefully.”

“She’s stressed to the max,” the source adds. “She’s worried about how much the divorce is going to cost her while trying to keep the kids shielded from all the explosive family drama.” Brandon previously requested $436,000 in monthly spousal and child support. This would equal to over $5.2 million per year. Plus, he asked her for $2 million in legal fees.

Kelly’s Friends Are Trying To Cheer Her Up During This Difficult Time

Kelly is finding it hard to have faith in Brandon and his intentions at this point. “It’s shocking to those who knew them as a couple, but it’s hard for them to be civil. Relations between Kelly and Brandon have gotten even more bitter since the lawsuits. She doesn’t trust him, and he feels she’s thrown him to the wolves” the source continues.

But her famous friends are finding new ways to take her mind off of the heated divorce battle. Blake Shelton, her co-star on The Voice has been super supportive. “Blake will cheer her up by telling one of his goofy stories that don’t ever seem to have a point or humming a tune he just thought up,” the source says. Kelly has managed to still remain the queen of talent shows even through her divorce. Check out the What’s Hot Video below for more on that.

Brandon’s father Narvel Blackstock was previously married to country singer Reba McEntire. Reba “is like a mother to Kelly and she’s told her in no uncertain terms that things will get better and not to lose hope,” the source adds. “Nothing is off-limits. It helps that Reba’s known Brandon since he was a kid, so she has a unique insight on the situation.” 


Kelly is spending time with her kids in the wake of all of the drama. “Hard as it may be, Kelly’s finding strength doing mundane things at home with River and Remington,” the source continues. “She bakes cookies, draws with them, reads them bedtime stories — those moments remind her that there’s a lot of good in her life, and she’s holding on to that with everything she has.” 


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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