Why Kelly Clarkson Still Stands Behind Brandon Blackstock After His ‘Greedy Money Grab’

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Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s ongoing divorce has gotten a bit messy but do not expect her to speak publicly about her resentment towards him. Sources close to The Voice coach say that she actually still wants to protect Brandon even though he has requested loads of money from her.

Kelly filed for divorce back in June citing “irreconcilable differences.” The pair have two children together, River Rose, 6 and Remington Alexander, 4. Brandon also has two children from his previous marriage to Melissa Ashworth.

Kelly Clarkson And Brandon Blackstock Have A Secret Agreement Amid Divorce

According to OK! Magazine, Kelly and Brandon both signed a document that says they cannot speak badly about each other publicly while they go through their divorce. This offers Brandon some protection even though he has gotten pretty ambitious with what he is asking from Kelly. Brandon previously requested $436,000 in monthly spousal and child support. This would equal to over $5.2 million per year. Plus, he asked her for $2 million in legal fees.

The couple do have a prenuptial agreement which says Brandon will not get spousal support but he is asking for it anyway since he would have to travel to Los Angeles to see the children. Despite “his greedy money grab” as Kelly’s friend described it, the pair are trying to make the situation about the kids.


“She wants them to have a relationship with Brandon, which is why she has made sure to never say nasty things about him or even comment on all the rumors that are out there,” a source close to Kelly said. She thinks this is all a private matter and would be devastated if her kids ever heard anything that made them think less of [their dad].”

“The truth is Brandon checked out of that marriage long before Kelly, and she filed the divorce papers so they could both go out and find happiness. So for him to turn around and ask for $5 million a year plus another $2 million for his lawyers was a real slap in the face,” a source close to Kelly said. “It is just so sh*tty. And he is doing it now because he knows Kelly wants River and Remington to have a relationship with [half-siblings] Savannah and Seth.”

Brandon’s Older Daughter Is Not A Huge Fan Of Kelly

Kelly has tried her best to maintain good relationships with Brandon’s older children. While she is close to his son Seth, his daughter Savannah is not so keen on Kelly. “Kelly has tried so hard, and you look at this girl on Instagram and she’s got a stable full of horses, is showing off her Givenchy clothes” the source continued. “And look, Kelly is not trying to replace this girl’s mother, she just wants to make sure that [River and Remington] always have their big brother and sister around.”


Growing up with a stepfather who was around more than her real father, Kelly just wants to make sure that all of her kids maintain a good relationship with Brandon. But the drama doesn’t end there because Kelly is currently being sued by Starstruck Management, the company owned by Brandon’s family for unpaid commissions.


“Brandon and Kelly are not just fighting over this divorce settlement but also those unpaid royalties from her time with [Clarkson’s management firm] Starstruck,” the source close to the couple said. “And Brandon is claiming he is also owed money from that deal.”


Samantha Agate
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