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Katy Perry Thinks ‘American Idol’ Isn’t Enough For Winners

Ryan Seacrest, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan on 'American Idol'Photo by: ABC/Eric McCandless

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It’s no surprise that American Idol isn’t enough to grant immediate stardom in 2022. With the rise of social media and social media stars, American Idol judge Katy Perry believes that additional work is needed to break into the music industry.

The American Idol judges recently joined Ryan Seacrest as part of his talk show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. While on the show, they talked about how American Idol is the best place for aspiring artists. While discussing the work ethic of artists, Katy Perry acknowledged that just being apart of the show isn’t enough for artists to create a career for themselves.

Even though American Idol provides a platform for artists, the platform itself isn’t always enough to create a star. Many singers have their “Kelly Clarkson moment” after their win, but it’s not always enough to sustain their spot in the industry.

“We’re in our fifth season as judges…but I think the world is changing, there are new stars being born every day,” Katy Perry said. “There’s so much being posted all over social media that it makes you stand out even more.”

The judge added that singers also need to focus on their own social media outside of the show. Building their fanbase while performing on national television could do more for them.

While ultimate stardom is hit or miss from the series itself, this show is trusted by some of the biggest music schools in the country. The three judges agreed that the series is great for aspiring artists even if it doesn’t always mean automatic success.

How Come The Winner Doesn’t Always Achieve Fame?

When you think about the history of American Idol and some of the most popular singers to come out of it, there’s a common theme. Most successful American Idol alumni (minus Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and a few others) didn’t win their season. Instead, they went home, worked on themselves and became a huge name.

In recent months, Jennifer Hudson has been identified as one of the biggest stars to come from American Idol, even though she didn’t win. Hudson auditioned for season three of the series and placed in seventh. Soon after the show, she acted in the Academy Award winning film, Dreamgirls.

Recently, Hudson achieved one of the greatest honors in Hollywood, EGOT. In her lengthy career, Hudson has won at least one Emmy Award, Grammy Award, Oscar Award, and Tony Award. She recently claimed her final prize at this year’s Tony Awards.

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