Katy Perry Shows Off Post-Pregnancy Body In New Must-See Selfie

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Katy Perry is always keeping it real with her fans. The American Idol judge showed off her postpartum body just a few days after giving birth to her daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom. Check out the all too real selfie below.

Katy Perry Shows Off Body After Giving Birth To Daisy Dove Bloom

On August 26, Katy and fiancé Orlando Bloom announced on the UNICEF Instagram page that they had welcomed their daughter Daisy. The pair have longtime served as ambassadors for the foundation and said they are “floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter.” They wanted to raise awareness for those mothers who do not have access to healthcare and set up a donation page to help support the health of struggling mothers and their children.


This selfie shows Katy wearing a breast pumping bra and postpartum recovery underwear. She also joked that her hair and makeup were done by “@exhaustion.” Katy celebrated the MTV VMA’s differently this year at home with Daisy embracing her new post-baby body. Instead of wearing her usual awards show gown and having a hair and makeup team, she was learning the ins and outs of being a mom. She previously hosted the show in 2017. On an Australian radio show about how her body was ever-changing during pregnancy, Katy got real about the experience before giving birth. The American Idol judge also revealed she weighed 190 pounds. But, she fully embraced every part of the pregnancy. She filmed her music videos while pregnant and danced around in her circus-themed video for her song “Smile.”

Katy Is Proud To Be A Working Mom

We first saw Katy’s baby bump as she continued to film American Idol earlier this year when she first announced her pregnancy to the world. Immediately after giving birth, Katy was back to promoting her “Smile” album. Up until it’s release on August 28, she had been doing a ton of promotional work. The day after giving birth, Katy tweeted “delivering a baby and a record in the same week, don’t f*ck with mama aka #whatmakesawoman.”

She also posted a hilarious Instagram picture with a caption talking about being a working mom. She wrote, “me after feeding all day handing Daisy off to daddy bout to deliver this 2nd child #SMILEISCOMING.” Her song “Smile” has peaked at No.3 on the Billboard charts after two weeks of its release.

The album was also No.1 on AppleMusic and iTunes before the MTV VMA’s. And Katy’s fans are dedicated to get it to the top spot on Billboard.


Katy also retweeted a montage of some of her moments that she was working and promoting her album while pregnant. She did several virtual performances and interviews, filmed music videos and did photoshoots.

What do you think of Katy’s latest album? It’s pretty awesome that she is already fitting into the role of a working mom just a few days after giving birth.


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