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Katy Perry Embraces ‘New Year New Me’ Mentality With Dry January, Workout Routine

Katy Perry on ABC's 'American Idol' Season fiveEric McCandless via Getty Images

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Katy Perry is embracing her New Year’s resolution and keeping a dry January promise. The American Idol judge has revealed what her secrets are in keeping shape and she’s doing a great job in keeping a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Katy Perry Doesn’t Do Dry January The Normal Way

Perry has been busy with her lifestyle just as much as she is with her career, and plans to empower people through her message. Her daily routine involves getting hydrated first thing in the morning and sticking to a diet and exercise plan.

She begins her morning routine by drinking Cascade Mountain water and occasionally combines it with LMNT hydration salts. She also drinks a glass of water with apple cider vinegar or tea with hot apple cider vinegar, which she generally makes with Bragg, a brand she’s an investor in together with Orlando Bloom.

Perry and Morgan McLachlan co-founded De Soi, a non-alcoholic apéritif brand, in 2020 when both were pregnant and wanted a refined drink to help them relax. De Soi is designed for the modern consumer who wishes to consume alcohol in moderation.

“When you make a choice to skip alcohol, you don’t have to give up the ritual of enjoying something sophisticated,” Perry said.

Hydration has been a big factor that keeps the singer going, and her meal plan has worked well for herself. Perry has also been able to keep a dedicated workout routine that only changes depending on her schedule.

Her Diet Goes Hand-in-Hand With Her Training Schedule

Perry typically eats eat three to five small meals a day if she’s preparing for a tour or residency. While on this meal plan she prefers to eat a banana or hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. The American Idol judge claims that she maintains a moderation-based approach, which supports a healthy relationship with her partner.

Typically, Katy attempts to exercise three to four times per week, whether she is lifting weights or participating in a candlelight high power fusion core power yoga session, which she frequently does with several friends. She finds working out to be quite satisfying mentally. Training hard while keeping a music career and being a mother can be hard, and Perry definitely experiences that struggle.

“I wanna give any extra moments I have to being present and being a mother,” Perry said. “I did it at 35. And I really feel like I checked off a lot of my life boxes and was ready to do that, to be of service as a mother does.”

Ever since becoming a mother in 2020, Perry admits that her workout plans have changed, but it was all worth it. Even though working out “ends up on the back burner here and there,” Perry expressed that motherhood is reason enough.

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