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Katharine McPhee, David Foster Don’t Want Son Rennie to Become an “A**hole”

Katharine McPhee and David Foster at "Some Like it Hot" on BroadwayPhoto by Bruce Glikas/WireImage

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Given the generational gap, it’s understandable that Katharine McPhee and husband David Foster have non identical parenting styles. Nonetheless, while their ways are different, their end goal is the same: for Rennie to grow up as a good kid.

Katharine McPhee Opens Up About Her and David Foster’s Strong Parenting

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, McPhee gave a glimpse of how they inculcate discipline to their two-year-old son. According to the singer, they’re not the type to be extremely lenient.

“We don’t put up with any BS,” she said. “We don’t want him to be an a**hole. He [needs] to be nice, polite, obedient, have his own voice and all that, but just [be] a good kid.”

Apparently, the singer and Foster are not afraid of setting boundaries with Rennie. In fact, the American Idol noted that they are “really strong” when it comes to laying down the rules.

“We just have different ways of approaching the boundaries,” she said. “I would say I’m more of that newer generation of gentle parenting and explaining and having a bit more patience in just a new way than what I think the older generation was taught how to parent.”

McPhee then confessed that she nonetheless tries to get Foster employ her own parenting approach. In doing so, she ensures that she doesn’t completely “take away from how he wants to parent.”

Interestingly, the two-year-old is now at the point where he’s engrossed over his parents’ 2022 Christmas album, Christmas Songs. As per McPhee, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” is Rennie’s current holiday jam.

“He’s obsessed with our version. I try to play him other people’s version, and he’s like, ‘No, no, no, no, no, no.’ And then he goes, and he can see on the Spotify which one it is, he sees our face and I have to listen to it over and over and over and over again.”

Consequently, McPhee has to hear herself singing “all day long.” While this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind, the singer nonetheless gladly seizes moments with Rennie like that.

She Reveals Secret to Making Her Marriage Work

Since tying the knot in 2019, McPhee and Foster’s marriage have been going smoothly. While their commitment to each other is their anchor, the Smash alum credits their strong romance to mental health professionals.

“Therapy. A good therapist,” she said. “Or that you just have someone in your life or another couple in your life that is helpful when there’s discord, disagreements.”

“I really feel like you can talk through most everything, but you have to have the language, the vocabulary to do that. So that takes practice and self-awareness and having skills to facilitate those conversations,” she continued.

The pair first met each other in 2006 during season five of American Idol with the legendary record producer serving as McPhee’s mentor then. In 2017, the two sparked romance rumors when they were spotted out for a “very intimate” date in Malibu. They seemingly confirmed their dating status later that year.

On June 28, 2019, the couple officially became husband and wife. McPhee and Foster married each other at the church of St. Yeghiche in London.

“Exactly 13 years ago today my very first single, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow,’ was released right after Idol. Today… I’m marrying the man who produced it,” she wrote. “Life is full of beautiful coincidences, isn’t it? Thank you for taking me over the rainbow, David.”

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