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Katharine McPhee Accidentally Bakes Son’s iPad in Her Oven

Katharine McPhee at the 9th Annual Breakthrough Prize CeremonyPhoto by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

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Not even Katharine McPhee Foster is exempt from the consequences of mom brain. Forgetting that she hid Rennie’s iPad in the oven, the American Idol alum was surprised to know she accidentally baked the device.

Katharine McPhee Shares Hilarious Story About Her Son’s iPad

Katharine McPhee recently shared the comedic moment in a video she uploaded on her Instagram Story. She summed up the story with a funny caption — “Just over here cooking iPads.”

“I tried to hide it and forgot it was in there while [heating] up the oven for my chicken special,” she wrote.

In the video, her real estate agent Kelly Viavattine captured her in a worried state as she figured out the smell coming from her preheating oven was the scent of Rennie’s melting iPad. Using oven mitts, McPhee Foster grabbed the device and removed it from the kitchen equipment.

At one point, Viavattine chimed in and said she thought “something smelled funny.” According to her, she initially thought it was orange juice chicken.

“The iPad is in the oven because he kept asking for it!” she said. “Oh my God, it smells really bad!”

Elsewhere in the clip, Rennie can be heard screaming, “Help me, Mommy.”

Three years after they debuted as a couple, McPhee Foster and husband David Foster welcomed their son Rennie in 2021. Foster is also the father to five daughters – Alison, 53, Amy, 50, Sara, 42, Erin, 41, and Jordan, 37 — from previous relationships.


They Recently Discovered Rennie’s Musical Abilities

With McPhee and Foster’s musical talents, it’s not surprising the Rennie is discovering his as early as now. Last year, the singer raved about Rennie’s interest in drums.

“It makes sense that he’d be musical,” Mcphee said. “He’s certainly obsessed with the drums! Or imaginary drums, for that matter.”

Despite his musical inclination, the record producer believes that it’s too early to tell if Rennie will eventually pursue music. Nonetheless, they are glad to see that their son might be taking after his mom and dad.

“We think [he’ll be musical], but we don’t know,” Foster said. “Kids, strangely, will do something for a while and then it’ll amaze you. Then, they just drop it and they don’t do it anymore.”

In August, McPhee and her husband made headlines, when they announced that she would be missing the rest of Foster’s Asian tour due to a family emergency.

Days later, the public found out that their son’s nanny, Yadira Calito, died. TMZ reported that Calito was killed by a 84-year-old woman driving a Toyota RAV4 that crashed into the reception area of Hamer Toyota in Los Angeles.

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