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The Jonas Brothers Serve Looks in “Who’s in Your Head” Video

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The Jonas Brothers have done it again! While they’re currently touring the country they’re simultaneously releasing new music. This song confirms that even with an extremely busy schedule these brothers are able to produce some of the biggest hits.

“Who’s in Your Head” by The Jonas Brothers was originally released on September 21. Jonas Brother fans everywhere went wild over this song. It has a groovy melody that will surely have you dancing. Warning, this song is very very catchy. As a long-time fan of The Jonas Brothers I was absolutely thrilled to see this video and it definitely did not disappoint.

On September 30 The Jonas Brothers premiered their newest music video for the song, and it’s sure to have you swooning. The video begins with a girl painting on a canvas with the band on the other side of the wall. The first time I saw The Jonas Brothers in the video, I think my jaw dropped. Joe is singing the song in a very expressive manner, with his brothers playing guitar behind him. Each of them are wearing very casual outfits that express their personalities well.

Soon after, there’s a transition that leads the band into her head. Within her head, the band’s outfits are matching her painting. But this isn’t the only time that you’ll see their outfits match a pattern.


This is a very colorful music video and the costuming department seriously did a great job with The Jonas Brothers’ outfits. They’re seen either matching their environment or wearing a bright contrasting color throughout the entire video. It’s quite obvious these outfits were heavily decided upon. All in all, The Jonas Brothers are serving looks in this new video.

Which is Better the Group Together or the Independent Scenes?

No matter which Jonas Brother is your favorite, I think we can all appreciate the fact that a portion of this video included independent scenes. Even though these brothers are known primarily for being band, they definitely know that their fans love these scenes. In this part of the video we see each Joe Jonas sitting shirtless in a cup of coffee, Nick Jonas in a hair salon, and Kevin Jonas on a moped.

With a song like “Who’s in Your Head” I’m always worried that the music video will not match the song well. A song like this needs more of a party vibe and that’s exactly what The Jonas Brothers have provided. The party/concert scenes are quite good in this video. There are a lot of things going on, but it isn’t overwhelming at all. Just about the only thing that was a bit overwhelming in this video was the amount of paid advertisements.

But, if I had to choose I would say the scenes of the brothers together were the best of all. The Jonas Brothers have been back together since 2019, but it feels like it was just yesterday they broke up. Seeing them all happily performing together is really a great sight, especially in this video. This music video screams “we had fun” and I think The Jonas Brothers really deserve that after reviving their career.

The Jonas Brothers truly never disappoint when it comes to their songs and this just further confirms that.

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