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Is ‘The Masked Singer All-Stars’ Worth a Try? Should FOX Greenlight The Spin Off?

Donny Osmond performing on 'The Masked Singer' Vegas NightCR: Michael Becker / FOX

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The Masked Singer has undeniably become the ultimate celebrity guessing game on screen. The hit show has attracted numerous fans – those who wish to be entertained even more.

It’s not new for amazing reality competition series to have spin-off shows after a number of successful seasons. This rings the question: Should The Masked Singer have its own?

Does The Masked Singer Need to Introduce a Spin-Off Series?

Fans of famous international reality competition series are always excited to witness an All-Stars season. Undoubtedly, avid viewers would like to see their favorite costumes and celebrities reunited. However, with the show’s complicated mechanics, it’s a valid question if reunifying former contestants would be a good idea.

In a nutshell, The Masked Singer works this way. Celebrities hide behind their chosen costumes and try their best to conceal their identities. As the season progresses, small clues are disclosed for viewers to guess along. One singer is eliminated and unmasked each week – either confirming or denying fans’ assumptions. By the end of the season, The Masked Singer has then revealed all its celebrity contestants.

Perhaps, this is one of the few reasons why The Masked Singer still can’t launch an All-Stars series. Aside that it will be a lot of work and the element of surprise may not be the same as before. Since fans already have an idea about the identities of past celebrities as well as their vocal tones, it would be an easier guessing game for fans. Basically, the show may lose its complex and puzzling features, which are ultimately the driver that brings fans back to the series.

Fans Don’t Think an All-Stars Season Would Work

On Reddit, fans attempted to entertain the possibility of having The Masked Singer All-Stars. Seemingly though, fans are not fond of the idea. For one user, past contestants need not return to the show anymore as they already have individual careers to flourish.

“Celebrities don’t need to prove themselves or redeem themselves after a season of The Masked Singer since they are already celebrities and can prove/redeem themselves through their actual careers. Therefore, an All-Stars would be pointless,” one person explained.

Meanwhile, one user implied that launching The Masked Singer All-Stars will be sort of boring. Nonetheless, the same is open to the idea of the show having a special episode wherein most celebrities will come back.

“It doesn’t really add anything to the show, it’s just masks singing and competing again, masks you’ve already seen and heard. Which I would love to hear some of them again, but it would work better in a special episode than a whole season,” a person wrote.

Several reddit users think that this opinion actually makes sense. Apparently, another fan believes that a reunion is what they rather need, not an All-Stars season.

“I’d be down for a reunion, having former contestants come back and sing the songs they sang on the show but unmasked,” a user wrote.

Be that as it may, The Masked Singer has not given any hints that an All-Stars spin-off is out of the picture. Instead, fans will have to wait and see what twist will FOX brew in the coming years.

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