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Gwen Stefani Teases New Album, Shares Songwriting Process

Gwen Stefani on 'The Voice' red carpetCasey Durkin/NBC via Getty Images

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The Voice coach Gwen Stefani is preparing to release a new single called “True Babe.” In a recent interview with FAULT magazine, Stefani shared that she’s been working on her next album for a few years now.

Gwen Stefani Teases Her Upcoming New Album

Stefani hasn’t released a new non-Christmas solo album since her 2016 release This Is What the Truth Feels Like. She said that her fellow The Voice coach Kelly Clarkson inspired her to start songwriting again during the pandemic.

“I took so many sessions and got this whole album and I did release a couple of singles but it was during a really turbulent time,” Stefani shared. “There was the election, Christmas, I was on The Voice at that time and I was like, ‘I just wanna put stuff out.’ During the pandemic, there was a lot of traffic but I still wanted to put something out.”

Then she and Blake Shelton got married in 2021, and Stefani said she “wanted to really be in that moment and not rush back to finish the album.” She added that she was also “trying to really find the record.”

“I started on one route of the style of music I wanted to do but then find it through living,” Stefani shared. “And a lot of time went by, so it’s been a couple of years and now I feel I’m in this really crazy zone where I’m writing the songs I wanted to write. It just kind of took a long time.”


Stefani Is Releasing New Song ‘True Babe’

On Friday, June 23, Stefani is releasing a new single called “True Babe.” She told FAULT that the song was sent to her half-finished, adding, “I went in with them and finished the song and put in some of my own lyrics to really make it feel more custom.”

As for what else she’s been working on, the singer said she has “a whole bunch of songs that I wrote in 2020 all the way up to now,” adding, “It’s really been challenging to know sonically what the direction is.”

“I always get really insecure and worried about writing a song, and then I’m happy to do it in a four-hour window when the kids are at school,” Stefani shared. “Over the last couple of months, I went in with some people that I adore and had really good chemistry with. I’m just dying to go back in and write with them because every single song you write changes what the record could be.”

Stefani teased that she has four new songs that she “literally can’t stop listening to.”

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