Gwen Stefani Reacts To Returning To ‘The Voice’ And Working With Blake Shelton Again

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Adam Levine is leaving The Voice after 16 seasons, and will be replaced by former coach Gwen Stefani. We’ve heard what Adam and his fellow coaches have to say about the change, but we haven’t heard from Gwen until now.

How Does Gwen Feel About Returning?

“I’m so, so excited about it and so shocked,” Gwen told E! News about her return to the show. “Every season that I’ve been back, it’s been a shock ’cause they kind of wait till the last minute [to tell you]. I guess they really want you to be like, ‘Please, take me.'”

Considering Adam was confirmed to be back as a coach for Season 17 as recently as last month, it seems this was a pretty sudden change. So it’s not surprising that the show would ask Gwen to return “last minute.” Gwen had previously said she would be happy to return, so it makes sense that The Voice would ask her.

Gwen also told E! News that she feels “overwhelmed” about returning after several seasons away (she last appeared in Season 12), especially without Adam there. She says he was the one who initially encouraged her to join the show in the first place.

How Does Gwen Feel About Working With Blake Again?

Gwen’s return to the show also means she’ll be once again working with her boyfriend Blake Shelton. Those who are sad to see the banter between Blake and Adam disappear might be happy to learn that Gwen and Blake are already planning their own friendly competition.

“We’re starting to have pillow talk and we’re discussing [the strategy],” she told E! News. “‘Every season I’ve been on it, it’s been a different version of being with Blake. So he’s like, ‘It’s still gotta be competition’ and I was like, ‘You got it.'”

Gwen also appeared on The Talk, where she said it’s “bittersweet” to be losing Adam, but she’s excited to return. “I mean, Blake’s my best friend, so I get to hang out with him at work,” she said. “I wanted to come back so bad. I mean, the show is so fun.”

It’s good to know that Gwen is so enthusiastic about returning. Maybe Season 17 will mark her first win of the show.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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