Christina Aguilera Supports Adam Levine Quitting ‘The Voice’ — Why Do Coaches Leave?

Jill O'Rourke | Talent Recap

Adam Levine recently announced his decision to leave The Voice, and former coach Christina Aguilera has shared her opinion on the news. Christina appeared on the show on and off with Adam for six seasons, and she told Access she “wasn’t surprised” that Adam decided to call it quits.

“We held hands from the beginning of that show,” she continued. “We kicked it off and we didn’t know where it was going to go, what was going to happen, so I think there’s always a time and a place where, especially as an artist, getting back into your creative mode and getting out of that kind of environment is important I think. I actually gained some respect with that decision.”

Why Did Christina Aguilera Leave The Voice?

Christina added that it’s good to “follow your heart,” which is apparently what she did when she left the show for good in 2016. However, the singer has thrown some shade at The Voice since leaving.

She shared last year that she felt the show had gotten away from its original intention, and became more about the artists’ packaging rather than their voices. She also shared that she felt too restricted with what she could say or wear on the show. More recently, she said she was unhappy with the show’s “inner workings.”

Entertainment Tonight thinks there may even be some shade in the way Christina is talking about Adam’s departure. (There have been rumors of a feud between Christina and Adam since their time together as coaches.) She gave the show a much more terse answer when asked about Gwen Stefani replacing the coach: “I think it’s gonna be great.”

Why Did Adam Levine Leave The Voice?

Christina seems to think Adam’s choice to leave was similar to hers, showing a desire to get back to being an artist and get out of “that kind of environment.” However, Adam himself has been much more vague about his reasons.

The coach shared an Instagram post shortly after his departure was announced, thanking various people involved with the show and saying he was “honored” to have been a part of it. As for why he left, all he said was that “it was time to move on.”

Adam’s track record in recent seasons might point to why he chose to leave. He hasn’t won the show since Season 9, and hasn’t had a contestant in the finals in three seasons. Why hang around when things aren’t going well for you?

Why Did Other Coaches Leave?

Other former coaches besides Christina have shared why they left the show, and their reasons may give hints as to why Adam jumped ship as well. CeeLo Green, for example, told Us Weekly, “It easily and quickly became a job. Very, very obligating… Taxing and tiring…”

Other coaches’ decisions were more concrete. Alicia Keys, for example, took a break in Season 13, and explained that she wanted to focus on her music. Gwen Stefani said she took time off from the show for similar reasons, to “put out my record and do some shows.” Pharrell also left to focus on music. Shakira, meanwhile, said she didn’t like being away from her family.

Apparently, the only coach who hasn’t found a reason to leave in 16 seasons (aside from current coaches Kelly Clarkson and John Legend) is Blake Shelton. And the show hasn’t stopped him from having a music career. Since starting The Voice in 2011, he’s released several albums and gone on tours. He’s also had much more success on the show than other coaches, with six wins over the years.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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