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Girl Named Tom Releases Christmas Single After ‘The Voice’ Win

Corey Cesare

Corey Cesare

Girl Named Tom the voice winnerTrae Patton/NBC

Girl Named Tom has been hinting at a release of new music for nearly a week. After winning The Voice just last night, the sibling group released a revamped version of their 2020 single “No Snow for Christmas.”

This song was originally released on Girl Named Tom’s YouTube in December 2020, but I like this version of the song just as much as the original. Bekah Liechty holds the chorus of the fun tune, while her brothers sing back up. Throughout the song there are beautiful accordion and saxophone instrumentals.

Bekah, Joshua, and Caleb teamed up with Mollie B and Ted Lange to create this beautiful song. Girl Named Tom nailed all of their performances on The Voice, so it’s no surprise that they hopped on the opportunity to release music right away.

The Sibling Trio’s Dad’s Health Took a ‘Downward Spiral’ After The Voice

After winning the series, Girl Named Tom posted a letter to their fans sharing what they have been dealing with on top of the series. Within their statement, they shared that their father is in horrific pain following surgery. Even though their father isn’t in great health, they remained in Los Angeles because their parents wanted them to.

“Some might think that this is the worst timing – our father taking such a downward spiral at the exact moment of our success on national TV,” Girl Named Tom wrote. “In truth, we feel fortunate and blessed by this joyful distraction. The Voice has given our family opportunities to connect, reflect, and marvel at the love we have for each other.”

The trio thanked their fans for not only voting for them, but their overall support. At the end of their statement, the siblings promised that this isn’t the last time you’ll hear of Girl Named Tom. Even though they are flying back to their family as soon as possible, they are still promising to release songs they have already recorded.

This trio made history as the first group ever to win The Voice, and has topped the iTunes charts repeatedly in the live shows. They were also the No. 1 most-viewed act on YouTube this season with 8.9 million collective views. I truly believe that Girl Named Tom has a giant career ahead of them, regardless of what they do right out of the gate.

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Debbie Downing
Debbie Downing
30 days ago

An angel’s voice 😍

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