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Fans Accuse Katy Perry of Bullying an ‘American Idol’ Contestant

'American Idol' Judges, and Sara Beth on 'American Idol'Photos by: ABC/Eric McCandless

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Some American Idol fans aren’t happy with how judge Katy Perry interacted with a contestant on this week’s show. Perry made several remarks during Sara Beth Liebe’s audition about the mom of three not being passionate enough about the show.

Katy Perry Grills American Idol Contestant About Her Dreams

Sara Beth shared that she “got married young” and is the mom of three children at age 25. She explained that she stays home with her kids full-time, adding that pursuing music is “all brand-new.” Sara Beth told the judges that she’s “not really a musician.”

When Perry asked if American Idol is her dream, Sara Beth hesitated. That prompted Perry to tell her, “If it’s not your dream, you might need to leave, ’cause there’s a lot of dreams behind you.”

Sara Beth admitted that she was “still processing” everything. She went on to perform a cover of the Amy Winehouse song “You Know I’m No Good.” Perry told her it was “not enough,” suggesting that she sing her first choice, “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John. She told Sara Beth to “sing it like it’s your new dream.”

“Look, if it’s not your dream, it’s not gonna go far,” Perry said after the performance. “Because I also respect everyone that’s walking through that door who will lay down their life for this Golden Ticket.”



Fans Criticize How Perry Handled Sara Beth’s Audition

Although Sara Beth received a “no” vote from judge Lionel Richie, Perry and Luke Bryan voted “yes” to giving her a Golden Ticket to Hollywood. However, some fans on social media have accused Perry of bullying the singer.

One Twitter user told Perry that she was “beyond disrespectful and cruel to Sara Beth.” Another user wrote, “They let Katy Perry bully this woman on live national tv before she even started singing. So ugly.”

Another user accused Perry of “mom shaming” Sara Beth, pointing to the judge’s comment that she had been “laying on the table too much.” As the Twitter user wrote, “A young mother following a dream while raising her children should be raised up not put down.”

Someone else put it pretty succinctly when they wrote that Perry was “a f*cking b*tch to Sara Beth.” Do you agree? Let us know what you thought of Perry’s remarks in the comments below.

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1 year ago

That’s awful Katie perry !
Knock it off !

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