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‘American Idol’ Contestant Apologizes to Katy Perry for Misleading TikTok Post: “She Could Never Traumatize Me”

Katy Perry on 'American Idol' season 21ABC/Eric McCandless

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Former American Idol contestant Adriel Carrion recently addressed his controversial claim on TikTok, accusing judge Katy Perry of traumatizing him. According to him, his statements were supposed to be funny, but the internet took it too seriously.

Adriel Carrion Claims that Katy Perry Humiliated Him Amid American Idol Audition

Earlier this month, Carrion created a TikTok video to open up about his American Idol season 19 experience. The former contestant particularly reflected on his audition, where the “Roar” hitmaker almost rejected their “Watermelon Sugar” performance.

In the upload, Carrion inserted a video showing how he and another contestant, Anthony Guzman, were about to sing Harry Style’s 2019 music smash. At the time, Perry was apparently so done with “Watermelon Sugar” performances that she snapped over the duo’s song choice.

“Not ‘Watermelon Sugar’ … I can’t take another ‘Watermelon Sugar’!” she said.

The resurfaced clip also exhibited how Carrion’s face turned from smiley to disappointed. Recounting this moment, the former contestant stated that Perry appears in his nightmares until today.

“I can be getting my beauty rest and all I hear in my nightmares ‘Not ‘Watermelon Sugar,'” he said.

Apparently, while Carrion did not intend to malign Perry in the TikTok video, news came off the internet a bit differently. Current headlines imply that the “Firework” singer has badly inflicted trauma on the former contestant.

He Says the TikTok Video was Meant to be Funny

Shocked by how his TikTok upload was taken by the web, Carrion made another video to address the situation. Evidently, the former contestant did not expect that his content will make it to legitimate news websites. The former contestant then clarified that he was intentionally “making fun” of their audition video.

“To this day I am blasting California Girls, tails flapping in the wind!” he said. “She could never traumatize me.”

Some users in the comments agreed in favor of Carrion, saying that other people are unbelievably “reaching.” Additionally, the former contestant replied in one comment, saying that news websites are too “bored.”

“So if Katy Perry ever sees any of this, I am sorry for the miscommunication of the interwebs,” he said.

Elsewhere in the clip, Carrion pointed out that he wasn’t the one who chose “Watermelon Sugar” as their audition song.

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