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Ed Sheeran is Getting Candid About Pains, Triumphs with Docuseries ‘The Sum Of It All’

Ed Sheeran Documentary via Disney PlusDisney Plus

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Doing his best to stay private despite international fame, Ed Sheeran is finally ready to show his most personal self yet. The singer-songwriter is taking fans along with his life’s ups and downs through a four-part docuseries.

Ed Sheeran Announces Disney+ Documentary The Sum Of It All

The “Thinking Out Loud” singer recently shared a long post on Instagram, revealing that he’ll be starring in a Disney+ life documentary called The Sum Of It All. Basically, the title is a nod to the names of his five studio albums, all involving mathematical symbols. Comprising of four installments, the docuseries will be released before his next record (Subtract).

Admitting his guarding nature when it comes to his personal life, Sheeran was only willing to share about himself in the aspect of his songwriting. Originally, Disney+ approached him to create a documentary involving the process of making of Subtract. However, as stated by the singer, the subject matter of the album changed after his life took a “few twists and turns.”

“It became something completely different to what I thought it would be,” he wrote. “I wanted to provide context to the album as it touches on very personal things, that we all experience.”

Sheeran went on and stated he wouldn’t want to sculpt the documentary by himself. Hence, Sheeran just put his trust to the director and let him produce an “accurate reflection of who I am.”

The Sum Of It All will be released on May 3, days before the release of Subtract. All four episodes will come out during the same day. To watch the documentary, viewers first have to be a Disney+ subscriber.


It Gives a Closer Look Into His Personal Relationships

Included in Sheeran’s intimate journey as a singer are his deeply founded connections people he loves. Particularly, the documentary will tackle the death of his friend Jamal Edwards, described to be the first person who believed in him.

Furthermore, the trailer revealed how Sheeran had gotten emotional about his wife Cherry’s illness. For those who may not know, Cherry was discovered to have a tumor while pregnant with their daughter.

These testing times have hugely affected Sheeran’s songwriting, thus a greatly personal album. According to the musician himself, Subtract opens the “trapdoor into my soul.” It is a product of Sheeran’s spiral through fear, depression, and anxiety. Hence, the documentary is expected to reveal more than what meets the eye, exposing the singer’s true and honest self on screen.

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