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‘DWTS’ Alum Alexis Ren Returns to Her Ballet Roots with Vulnerable Instagram Post

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Dancing With The Stars alum Alexis Ren has recently reflected on her rollercoaster ride as a ballerina. The social media personality recently shared a long post on Instagram, with her candid insights on how ballet contributed to her character.

Alexis Ren Shares What She Learned in Ballet

For Ren, ballet is not simply a sport but an art form that helped her define who she is. In a video posted on Instagram, the trained ballerina showed herself dancing to a sensational piano tune. Alongside this clip is a candid message from the DWTS alum.

“Ballet has been so many things for me,” she wrote. “It’s been heaven and an escape. Hell and a prison. Through hours of pouring sweat and soul onto the dance floor, I have found a work ethic and a determination I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

According to Ren, ballet allowed her to look at resistance “square in the eyes.” Subsequently, Ren stated that the artistic dance even pushed her over the edge striving for perfection.

“When you get that first pair of pointe shoes, they’re stiff. Snug to the bone, they must be broken in through time and dedication. Eventually there is a level of trust, until finally over time they can no longer hold you up and we have to once again find a new shoe that fits,” she wrote.

As stated by Ren, people are like “new students” when learning art. Until they get the hang of things, she said that it’s only natural to stumble and stagger.

“Eventually, we outgrow our own work and if we aren’t willing to risk something new, our spark crumbles and breaks down,” she wrote.

She Says That Ballet Studio is Her Home

Clearly, Ren holds an immense and deep connection with ballet. The actress has come to consider the dance art as her safe space, whether the situation is positive or negative.

“No matter what phase i’m in—the building or the breaking, I know that if I step into a studio, I am home. Home in this body, home in this world,” she wrote.

The trained ballerina proceeded to give her followers an input about life. According to her, it pays to ask if one has abandoned parts of themself. She then advised them to “go backwards,” as evolution comes from peeling back the layers that were never meant to be there.”

“Remembering who you were is how you continue to build your legacy, staying forever faithful to your spark. Our childhood dreams become our adult passions,” she wrote.

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