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Donny Osmond Wants to “Start Again” With New Album This September

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Donny Osmond shared videos of his Las Vegas preparations for his fall residency earlier this month. Now, he is releasing a new album this upcoming September and he’s teased some information to all of his fans.

The 63-year-old shared an Instagram post that talked about his plans for his upcoming album “Start Again.” In this post, he walks fans through the creation of his track list. Although this is not the first song Osmond has dropped recently, it is the first full album in a very long time.

“Big news! Very excited to share with you all the cover for my album, ‘Start Again’ coming this September!” said Osmond. “After 3 years and over 40 songs written, I narrowed down the tracklist to 12 songs that I feel are an integral part of who I am after 6 decades of entertaining. I can’t wait to share more details with you all soon! Forever grateful for your support.”

This is his first solo album since 2004. This is giant news for the Masked Singer performer. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Who gets burnt out? Definitely not Osmond! It’s very obvious that music, and performing is really his true passion.

We currently do not know when in September this album will be released, but it seems like it surprisingly won’t feature his new single from June, “Who.” Osmond stated on Twitter that he will be sharing more details soon.

“Start Again” Release Date Won’t be Soon Enough For Ticket Holders

If I had to guess, I would say Osmond will be teasing fans who have purchased tickets to the early days of his residency with his new music. I’m guessing this album will be out mid-to-late September.

His residency, where he’ll be performing almost every night, begins on August 31, and concludes on November 20. So there’s not really a way for Osmond to get this album out for the end of August or early September ticket holders.

But, don’t stress if you do have a ticket to these earlier shows. Osmond has said on Twitter that he will be taking fan requests during these residency shows.

“Here is a fun reminder that during my shows I’ll be taking song requests,” said Osmond. “Think about which songs you want to hear that you probably haven’t heard since you were a teenager, and I’ll sing it for you!”

It’s like he’s begging his fans to request “Puppy Love.” Early August and September ticket holders, keep this in mind as your date gets closer. I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t be able to request new music during this session.

The Search For The Purple Ticket is Nearing the End

Osmond is hiding free tickets to his Las Vegas residencies in six cities of the U.S.A. When Osmond announced this search, he said to make sure that you’re checking in with his Facebook and Instagram daily, to see where these tickets are hidden.

There are no places, other than his stories, where he is announcing if the tickets have been found. Basically, if you take a day off from social media, you might miss the opportunity to get a free ticket.

That being said, we know that purple tickets have been found in, Nashville TN, Chadds Ford PA, Brooklyn NY, Detroit MI, and the search is currently happening for one in Los Angeles CA. I hope I didn’t miss the sixth, but it’s seems like this treasure hunt has moved so quick that it’s tough to keep up.

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