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Donny Osmond is Hiding Free Tickets to His Las Vegas Residency

Donny OsmondHenry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images

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Donny Osmond is back at it again in preparation for his Las Vegas residency beginning at the end of August. But, this time with some really cool news. His team is hiding six purple tickets across different American cities.

What’s a purple ticket? The Masked Singer veteran didn’t want to admit what the prize was, but he totally gave it away in an Instagram video. He explained the purple tickets as a secret, then finished his video by saying: “I can’t wait to see who finds these purple tickets, you’re going to love the surprise, and I’m going to love seeing you in Las Vegas…I just gave away the surprise.”


Osmond will be posting clues to his Instagram and Facebook stories on where the tickets will be hidden. These clues will point out the exact place that the tickets are at, sounds like he picked up some ideas while on set of The Masked Singer.

Osmond’s Purple Ticket Winner

“Here’s your clue, so when I’m having something to eat, i love to listen to beautiful music that blue birds sing,” said Osmond. “So you might find a purple ticket where food, blue birds and music come together, go get the ticket.”

An hour later, Osmond posted a photo of the ticket winner. The photo is of a guy who is seen holding the ticket in front of The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Robert! Congratulations on finding the ticket! Can’t wait to see you in Vegas” said Osmond on the story.

There are a few gray-lines when it comes to these purple tickets. There is nowhere (other than his 24-hour stories) that will tell fans if a ticket has been found.

Osmond said this treasure hunt will begin this week, and continue through the end of the month. That’s a very large date range for only six tickets. On top of not knowing how many tickets are left, it’s safe to assume that Osmond’s hiding game is only applicable to the United States, considering the Canadian boarder is still closed until August 9.

Other than these restrictions and general confusion, fans in Osmond’s comments have reacted well to this announcement. I mean, who doesn’t love the possibility of free concert tickets?!

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