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Donny Osmond Talks About Extended Las Vegas Residency, Teases Rap Song

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The Masked Singer star Donny Osmond has recently opened about the extension of his solo residency in Las Vegas, Nevada. He also gave a sneak peek of his rap song, which he calls Donny rap-ography.

Donny Osmond’s Las Vegas Residency is Extended

Even at the age of 64, Donny Osmond still has the ability to capture girls’ hearts across generations. Talk show host Sherri Shepherd was one of his die-hard fans, unashamed to admit that she grew up kissing his poster. Finally, after decades of waiting, she finally got a smooch from Osmond in real life—on her own show. In his recent appearance in Sherri, Osmond talked about being a hunk in his 60s.

“You still make women swoon,” she said. “How does it feel to be a sex symbol at 60?”

Responding with a laugh, Osmond said that he’s simply having the best decade of his life. He then proceeded to announce the good news.

“My birthday present I already received because I just found out we’re extended in Las Vegas through the next year,” he said.

For those who may not know, Osmond’s award-winning solo residency takes place at the Harrah’s Las Vegas Showroom. This residency premiered in last year, after his 11-year long residency with his sister Marie Osmond ended.

Essentially, this show was a 90-minute dynamic storytelling of his life. He gets the chance to rewind the clock and take his audience to where his early beginnings in Sin City. Luckily, Osmond has the opportunity to continue this show until May 2023. Ticket sales already began in September.

He Summarized His Career Through Rap

Some would say that an hour and a half is not nearly enough time to live his lengthy career. Instead, Osmond travels through time in approximately 10 minutes. This highlight of the Las Vegas show, called the Donny rap-ography, abridges his success story in nearly 10 minutes. Luckily, the performer gave us a look at this rap in the interview.

“It all began back in Utah / I was four years old / Started singing with my brothers and the sound was like gold / So my folks took a leap and said / What the hey we got to get these monsters out to California,” he rapped.

During his actual performance, the rest of his rap gets faster and faster in speed. The production puts out the lyrics of the rap on a big screen for better understanding of the live audience. He also explained the request segment. This is where he urges the crowd to pick a song from his albums.

“I put all the albums on the huge screen behind me and anyone in the audience, at any time, can pick any song I’ve ever recorded in my entire life,” he said.

Last year, Osmond issued his 65th album, Start Again. He deems this to be the best album out of all the collections he’s released. This is also included in the request segment.

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