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The Real Reason Donny Osmond Still Performs “Puppy Love”

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Donny Osmond recently celebrated the anniversary of his 1972 hit, “Puppy Love.” At 64 years old, Osmond makes a point of performing the hit at every one of shows at his Las Vegas Residency. Along with “Puppy Love,” Osmond is performing every song he’s ever released.

Osmond has sold over one hundred million albums in his time in Hollywood. Since August, Osmond has been performing at Harrah’s Showroom at Harrah’s Las Vegas most days of the release. Soon after Osmond began his residency, he released his 65th album, “Start Again.”

The Reason Osmond Still Performs “Puppy Love”

In a recent interview, Osmond exposed the real reason he performs his 1972 hit in 2022. He admitted that at one point in his career he was sick of performing the old hit. At the time he would make fun of it on stage, until a fan gave him criticism for it.

“This lady came up to me [after a concert] and asked ‘why did you make fun of “Puppy Love?”‘ In a cocky way I said It’s my song I can do whatever I want with it,” Osmond told Kelly Clarkson. “She said something that changed my life. ‘Yes, you may have had a hit with it, but “Puppy Love” was a big part of my childhood memories and you have no right to mess with my memories’.”

He shared that her point of view changed his opinion of it. Instead of making fun of the song, he now treats it with respect. “Puppy Love” is his fourth song on his Las Vegas Residency setlist.


He Creates a Brand New Experience Each Night of His Show

Along with “Puppy Love” Osmond create an interactive experience for his fans within the show. Within each concert he plans a 50 minute improv portion of the show. During this time, he puts all of his albums on the screen behind it. From the photos, fans in the audience choose which songs he performs next.

The singer stated that this portion of his shows are his favorite part. No matter the date fans go to see Osmond in Las Vegas, they’ll always have a different show because of this unique feature. The singer shared that this format is something he’s always wanted to do.

When talking about the songs fans can choose, Journalist Katie Couric, asked Osmond if they ever perform “One Bad Apple.” The reminder led Osmond to mention that the song was originally allegedly written for The Jackson 5. Osmond then explained that Jackson’s solo hit “Ben” was originally written for him.

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