Don’t Sleep on this Album: Donny Osmond’s “Start Again” from the POV of Someone in their 20s

Corey Cesare
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Music legend Donny Osmond just released his new album “Start Again.” Although he has not stopped performing, this is his first solo album since 2004. His fans are absolutely ecstatic over the album release, even if it’s not traditional “Donny Osmond.”

Osmond dropped this album amid his Las Vegas residency at Harrah’s Showroom. If this album doesn’t make you want to get tickets to his show… I’m going to need you to listen to it again. “Start Again” was honestly a huge surprise. Osmond’s been providing fans with singles for a few years, but never a full album quite like this. The album features his recent release “Who” along with 11 other original tracks.

“Start Again” is straight pop, which is different for this singer who is known for rock music that sometimes ventures into pop. Osmond proved that he still has what it takes to create good music with this album. His voice is seriously timeless too, he sounds just like he did at the peak of his career.

Out of all of the tracks on “Start Again,” “Let’s All Dance” featuring Charlie Wilson is currently No. 4 on his most listened tracks on Apple Music. That’s really saying something considering his Top 3 are all his Disney hit “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You.”

This album seriously did not disappoint. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about Osmond joining the electronic-based pop realm after “Who,” but I’m seriously impressed by this album. In the past I’ve considered Osmond as old talent, but I take it back now. He’s adapted to what is popular on the radio (let’s be honest, online) today and he’s really going to make a name for himself in the pop genre with this album.

It was his Choice to Release a Pop Album

When he announced this album, he shared that he spent three years and wrote 40 songs during the creation period. He considers these 12 tracks to be who he is after performing for nearly six decades. Not only am I happy to see Osmond so proud of his work, I’m happy to hear that the mend to pop was purely his choice.

“I really do feel like I am about to Start Again with this new chapter of music,” said Osmond in his recent Instagram post. “I have been making music for years and the magical feeling of watching you all find joy in what I write is never something I will get used to.”

It’s always hoped that singers get some type of freedom when deciding what their next release is. But unfortunately that’s not always the case. This Instagram post banished those thoughts immediately. He seems authentically filled with cheer and it’s actually adorable. It’s so obvious that he couldn’t wait to make the switch.

“Start Again” From the Eyes of Someone Who’s in their Twenties

This album is truly great. I’ve always liked Osmond’s music (who doesn’t?), but I think “Start Again” is restarting his career. Being that it is primarily pop, it’s like he’s extending his hand out to my generation. He’s basically getting us to join his journey that’s been six decades in the making with this album.

There’s a lot to be said about someone who’s been in the business for nearly six decades. There’s also a lot to be said for an artist who wants to change up their sound.

Even though it’s typically a risk to switch genres, I think Osmond did it with elegance. This album shows that he is the perfect mix of old talent and new rhythm. If anyone ever thought his career was over, it definitely is not after the release of this album.

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