Couple Sings A Romantic Duet On ‘X Factor’ And Then He Proposes Infront Of Everyone [VIDEO]

It’s already pretty special to get to audition for The X Factor with the love of your life. What makes it even better is getting engaged after making it through to the next round.

That’s what happened to the duo He Knows She Knows in 2016. Sharna clearly wasn’t expecting her boyfriend Silvar to propose to her after their performance. The judges were emotional watching the romantic moment play out.

He Knows She Knows gets engaged on “The X Factor.”

Couple Gets Engaged On ‘The X Factor’

Sharna and Silvar had been together six months when they auditioned for The X Factor together. Silvar called it a “fairy tale,” later explaining that Sharna messaged him on Christmas Eve, and by the night after Christmas they were living together!

The pair auditioned with a cover of “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber. The judges loved their chemistry, and all four voted “yes” to send them through to the next round. “There’s something so great about the two of you,” Nicole Scherzinger told them.


The happy moment didn’t end there, though. Silvar requested to do something before they left, and promptly got down on one knee with a ring box in his hand. “I’d like the opportunity to ask this beautiful woman if you will be my wife,” he said. “Will you marry me?”

The judges were shocked by the gesture, and Sharna got emotional. She accepted the proposal, and showed off the ring. The couple’s family, who were watching from outside, said they had no idea the proposal was going to happen.

What is He Knows She Knows doing now?

He Knows She Knows: Where Are They Now?

Since appearing on The X Factor, Sharna and Silvar are still together, and still making music. They have over 16,000 subscribers on YouTube, where they post cover performances and vlogs. They’ve also gone on three tours of the UK.


In 2019, the pair won Best Band/Vocal Group at The National Entertainment Awards. It was a difficult year, as they lost both Silvar’s dad and Sharna’s friend. “It’s been a really hard year for both of us but we kept on going,” Sharna said. “And on top of that, there have been times when we’ve broken down on the way to gigs and ended up paying loads in taxis to get to venues as we never want to let anyone down.”

The duo has also performed in Japan, where they reportedly have a record deal in the works. For now, you can listen to some of their existing singles on their Spotify channel.


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