Contestant Claims She Had Romantic Interactions With Her Coach On ‘The Voice UK’

Contestant Claims She Had Romantic Interactions With Her Coach On ‘The Voice UK’Mriganka Chawla | Talent Recap

Bo Bruce auditioned for The Voice UK in 2012 with David Guetta and Usher’s hit “Without You.” She piqued the interest of coach Danny O’Donoghue which later led to romance rumors between the two down the road. Check out her Blind Audition down below.

Bo Bruce Formed Flirty Bond With Her Coach On ‘The Voice UK’

Some may recognize Bo by her title Lady Catherine Anna Brudenell-Bruce, the daughter of the Earl of Cardigan. At the time of her audition for The Voice UK, she was estranged from her father. Her mother was battling pancreatic cancer. Once Bo began singing, the crowd immediately fell in love with her. Danny was the first coach to turn his chair. At the very end of the song, turned his chair. Bo chose to be on Team Danny.

In The Battles, Bo went up against Vince Freeman singing “With or Without You.” She was declared the winner of The Battle. This was after Danny advised Vince to hold back so he would not overpower Bo on the song. This is where fans of the show began to realize there was more than just a singer/mentor relationship going on between the two.


Bo was a clear favorite in the competition. She performed a steamy duet with Danny during the Live Shows to the song “Read All About It.” During the performance, Danny grabbed Bo by the waist and sang to her as they stared deeply into each other’s eyes. This duet now has over 14 million views on YouTube with many people in the comments section writing that they thought the pair were going to kiss during the performance.

After making it all the way to The Finals, Bo was named the runner-up of the competition. Leanne Mitchell was declared the winner of The Voice UK.

Where Is She Now?

After her very successful journey on The Voice UK, Bo opened up about her fling with her coach Danny to the tabloids. While Danny denied rumors of a fling for many years, he has spoken about how this helped propel Bo further on in the competition. But Bo has been insistent that there was more than just business between them.

“My mum was dying and there was a spark between us. After the live shows – before Mum died – we hung out once or twice and we snogged. We were both going through stuff. He wasn’t my boyfriend but possibly, in another world, there might have been something” she said in an interview.

“I felt humiliated when he seemed to be saying, ‘It was all made up for her career.’ I thought, ‘What sort of human could do that when someone’s mum is dying?’ I felt embarrassed. So I sent him a text. I don’t think I wrote, ‘W****r,’ but something like, ‘Not cool, buddy.'”


After putting out her own album with Mercury Records, Bo married musician Henry Binns in 2016. The pair were music collaborators that fell in love. They have two children together.


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