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Outraged Fans Force ‘The Voice UK’ Coaches To Apologize For Doing THIS


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Drew Thomas was a major standout during the Blind Auditions on this season of The Voice UK. After hearing him sing the first few notes of Taylor Swift’s “Exile,” fans were convinced he would go very far on the show. There was only one problem though; none of the coaches turned their chairs during his performance.


Judges Regret Not Turning Their Chairs For Drew Thomas On ‘The Voice UK’

Drew played the piano while belting out the emotional ballad. Right away, the looks on the coach’s faces indicated that they were interested in his voice. Once he launched into some high notes, the audience began applauding. The entire crowd was on his side as they waited to see if any of the coaches would turn their chairs.

“I had a load of live shows and festivals planned for last year, so when the pandemic hit, it left me with a bit more time as an artist and I was really keen to still try and reach as many new ears as possible even though I couldn’t play concerts and gigs” Drew told Talent Recap exclusively. “The Voice contacted me to audition and the team was so lovely throughout the process. I think in general as an unsigned artist, good exposure is so hard to get and the show gave me the opportunity to play music to millions of people watching at home, who otherwise wouldn’t have heard who Drew Thomas was!” he added.

Coach Tom Jones’s hand hovered over the block button. It looked like he was going to turn his chair but then he decided against it. None of the coaches turned their chairs by the end of the performance. “I thought you were going to go there,” Tom said to Olly after the performance. Anne-Marie agreed saying “I feel like we should have turned, you know?”


“I think we’ve let a really good singer go,” Olly echoed. “That was a great performance.” Anne-Marie went on to say that none of the coaches turning their chairs was a “mistake.” She was almost certain that Olly and Tom were going to turn their chairs. “I’d be gutted if I was backstage now,” Olly said.

“Maybe it wasn’t their taste or they weren’t looking for someone like me on their team this time around. It is hard” Drew said when he was backstage.


Coach Olly Tweeted An Apology To Drew After The Audition Aired

Fans were on Drew’s side and felt like the judges made the wrong decision. They took their frustrations to Twitter. “I can’t believe nobody turned for Drew Thomas on the voice, he was so bloody good. so gutted for him @thevoiceuk” wrote one disappointed fan on Twitter.

“What a farce, obviously his story must not have been sad enough for the producers to give the go-ahead for someone to turn. When will programs like this get with the times, we don’t want a sad story we want to see insanely talented people sing!” wrote another outraged viewer on Twitter.

“Naturally, it would have been lovely to have had a turn and be able to perform some of my original tunes on the show at the next stages but music is such a subjective thing and I obviously wasn’t quite what the coaches were looking for that time around” he told us. “It was so lovely to hear their positive comments afterwards though! There are so many fantastic singers and vocalists on the show so being a coach must be tough.”

Olly then took to social media to say how much he regretted not turning his chair for Drew. “I can only apologize and say sorry mate! Such a beautiful song and top voice! I am absolutely gutted” he wrote. Drew replied and does not have any hard feelings towards the coaches. “Thanks so much, mate! Was great to perform for you guys,” he said.

But fans of Drew have something to look forward to after his short stint on The Voice UK. “Working on some super cool new music and content to share with the world over the next few weeks and months!” he wrote on Instagram.

“I’ve definitely got some new music in the works which should be ready to bring out in the next few months! I released my debut EP Early Hours near the end of last year so hopefully, by the end of 2021 I’ll able to start playing live shows again and finally play those songs to a real audience!” he said. “I’ve also been lucky enough to have a bunch of time to write loads of new music over lockdown so I can’t wait to show the world my new sounds and introduce new people to the Drew Thomas journey. Thank you to anyone who’s checked me out so far!”


Do you think the coaches made a mistake not turning their chairs for Drew?

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