Singers Stunning Beyonce Cover Has Jessie J Singing Along On ‘The Voice UK’ [VIDEO]

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You probably know by now that when a singer does a Beyonce song on The Voice UK, they usually blow the coaches away. Pastry chef Cleo Higgins and her Blind Audition in 2013 was no exception. She commanded the stage and even had Jessie J up and singing along to the song with her. Check out the dynamite performance below.

Cleo Higgins Performed A Beyonce Cover That Had Jessie J In Love

Cleo was previously the lead singer of the singing group Cleopatra. The group was signed to Madonna’s label Maverick and found major success in the 90s. All it took was one vocal run of the song “Love On Top” for Jessie to turn her chair. Jessie mimicked the vocal perfectly, something only she can do so effortlessly. She stood up from the chair and sang along with Cleo as the other coaches pondered turning their chairs. Jessie was seriously having the time of her life watching this performance.

When Cleo reached the chorus of the song, Jessie’s dance party of one turned into a dance party of two when Danny O’Donoghue turned his chair. At that point, literally stood on top of his chair and hit his button with his foot. He turned his chair in the most epic fashion. Tom Jones also turned his chair which made this a four-chair turn. Cleo walked down the stairs during the final note of the song where Jessie greeted her with a high five.


The coaches actually recognized her from Cleopatra and spoke about how they loved her performance. It was so good that could not even bring himself to sit down. Even though Jessie was rocking with her the whole entire time throughout the Blind Audition, Cleo chose to be on Team

Cleo Advanced To The Battle Rounds

In The Battle Rounds, Cleo sang “Finally” against Nu-tarna. She was sent to The Knockouts with a stunning rendition of “Leave Me Alone.” It was no surprise when this energetic singer soared to the Live Shows. She was eliminated in the Semi-Finals after her performance of “Don’t Let Go (Love).”

Where Is Cleo Higgins Now?

After her time on The Voice UK, Cleo went on to perform on a tour paying tribute to Michael Jackson. She did say in a 2016 YouTube video that she has suffered some mishaps in her voice but was determined to overcome it. She later went on to star in a Tina Turner musical performance.

Cleo also wrote and illustrated her own children’s book called The Tickle Momster. It’s a unique take on a bedtime story that you can actually purchase on Amazon. She can add published author to her long list of accomplishments.


Cleo’s Blind Audition on The Voice UK now has over 21 million views on YouTube. Expect to hear some music from Cleo released in the future. “I’ve always got my laptop out. I’ve always got a pen and paper ready” she said in an interview with Glam Adelaide. “I love writing. Music just does something to you. You may not be a singer; you may not be an artist on the stage, but it’s in you. When you hear something that moves you, it touches the soul.”


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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