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Comedian Matt Rife Faces Backlash for Internet Beef With a 6-Year-Old

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TikTok viral comedian Matt Rife recently rose to fame in the comedy scene, yet he already has a lot to be sorry for. The 28-year-old is now dealing with intense online backlash after squabbling with a kid who criticized him over his Netflix special.

Matt Rife Blasted for Picking a Fight with a Six-Year-Old Kid

The comedian poked fun at people who are captivated by astrology during a portion of his new Netflix standup show, Natural Selection. The comedy special saw Rife expressing his frustration over “ladies blaming your poor decision-making skills on planets,” stating that the future is rather determined by an individual’s own thoughts.

“It has nothing to do with the stars, man,” he said. “Just because Jupiter has a ring, and you don’t, doesn’t mean that’s what you’re supposed to look up to for this magical advice.”

@bunnyhedaya Matt Rife started a fight with the wrong 6 year old. Buckle in. #bunny #bunnyhedaya #mommabear ♬ original sound – BUNNY 🐰

On December 9, TikToker Bunny Hedaya opened up how Rife wrote an insensitive reply to her six-year-old kid. The mother, who said her son is heavily invested in outer space,

Her son, who she said is heavily interested in outer space, previously reacted to Rife’s astrology joke in a separate video.

“Actually, it’s Saturn that has the rings. It has more [visible rings] also,” the kid said.

Hedaya’s kid also criticized Rife for being “mean to girls,” seemingly referring to the comedian’s distasteful takes about domestic violence in the same Netflix special. Allegedly, in a since-deleted comment, Rife replied to the kid on Instagram.

“Jupiter also has [a] ring. OH!… and Santa [Claus] isn’t real,” Rife replied to Hedaya’s son on Instagram in a seemingly since-deleted comment. “Your mom buys you presents with the money she makes on OnlyFans. Good luck.”

As of writing, the TikTok video has garnered more than 14.3 million views. Rife, however, hasn’t publicly addressed the controversy yet.

Internet Slams the Comedian for His Inability to Take a Light Joke

Upon finding out about the issue, internet users blasted Rife for being petty and uncaring. Many specifically emphasized the irony of him being a comedian yet being insensitive to simple jokes.

“Matt rife’s entire ‘comedy’ style is supposed to dark/ offensive humor yet he can’t take a joke from a child… interesting!” one user wrote.

“Matt Rife is behaving more like a six year old than an actual six year old. Love it. Your son is adorable and you are beautiful. keep slaying!” another commenter wrote.

“Matt Rife being comedian who can’t take a joke is the funniest thing about him,” one person wrote.

In an interview with TMZ, Hedaya claimed Rife has not yet apologized to her kid. Nonetheless, the TikToker said she would only accept the comedian’s apology if he will change his behavior. Particularly, if he would switch up his tone on how he talks about women. Be that as it may, Hedaya stated she’s not hopeful that Rife will do so.

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