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Bring The Funny: Are The Judges Being TOO Nice?

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NBC’s latest sensation Bring The Funny brought another round of laughs in its second episode. ‘The Open Mic 2’ kicked off Tuesday night, bringing forth a new line of comics. In this weeks episode of the Talent Recap Show we discuss the Bring The Funny Judges Chrissy Teigen, Kenan Thompson and Jeff Foxworthy and their judging style.

In addition to leaving fans in stitches, BTF is raising some eyebrows. Why you ask? Because some Bring The Funny viewers think the judges are being too nice. Talent Recap hosts Jackelyn Schultz and Lauren Ashley Beck dive deep into the comedy of it all and recap the second episode of Bring The Funny.

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Talent Recap – Bring The Funny

Bring The Funny Open Mic 2

This week brand new comics took to the Bring The Funny stage swinging – showcasing harder hitting jokes than the shows premiere episode.

NBC Bring The Funny judges – Kenan Thomson, Chrissy Teigen, and Jeff Foxworthy

Judge Jeff Foxworthy was in a particularly giving mood, complimenting every single act immensely. “You are a terrific comic, I would pay money to go see you perform,” the stand-up comedian gushed.

“I loved the character you played…its very posh and proper but slightly horny,” Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen said to comedy magician, Mandy Muden. We all know Chrissy has a touch of sass, and we want to see more of that on the show!

Noticeably silent, was SNL star Kenan Thompson…who fans point out isn’t easily impressed. Eventually Kenan joined in on the fun telling one comic, “you were super-duper funny and everything in-between.”

So are the judges being too nice? This could be a case of new show, new talent, and not wanting to step on anyones toes. Going up on a stage in front of a nationwide audience is definitely nerve wracking, so maybe the judges don’t want to apply any unnecessary pressure. Fair.

Maybe we’ve been spoiled by the brutal honesty of sassy AGT frontman Simon Cowell. All things considered its still really early in the season and we’ll most likely see constructive criticism along the way.

Can You Really Judge Comedy?

What one person finds funny, the next may not…right? This could be the culprit of why its hard for the judges to critique what’s funny and what isn’t.

bring the funny judges chrissy teigen kenan thompson jeff foxworthy
NBC Kenan Thompson, Chrissy Teigen, Jeff Foxworthy – Bring the Funny judges

It would be interesting to hear about the technicalities of comedy and learn a little more about the craft through constructive input.

Tune in to Bring The Funny on NBC Tuesday evenings after America’s Got Talent.

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