Did ‘Bring The Funny’s Chrissy Teigen And The Judges Get It Right This Week?

bring the funny Chrissy Teigen

The Comedy Clash round on Bring the Funny is over and we now know who is moving on. The question we examine this week is if judges Chrissy Teigen, Kenan Thompson, and Jeff Foxworthy picked the right acts.

Far be it from us to question the judgement of the illustreous panel of judges…but question we will. Our very own Jackelyn Shultz and Lauren Ashley Beck did just that as they discussed this week’s Comedy Clash picks. The truth is that the choices are getting harder. For several of the clashes it honestly could have gone either way. The acts are so evenly matched at this point that it’s tough to choose. Comedy is subjective and we want to know if you agree with the judges.

Matt Rife vs. Rocky Dale Davis

When good friends Matt Rife and Rocky Dale Davis went against each other it was a pretty even matchup. They are both very talented stand-ups each with their own unique styles. Rocky is like a Southern hipster and Matt is handsome but strange. The judges went with Matt as they felt he was more seasoned. It’s true that Matt seemed more confident but they both made us laugh. Jackie in particular seemed conflicted in whether she agreed or not.

Frangela vs. Andrea Lopez

We questioned whether this was really a fair matchup. Andrea is a master impressionist and Frangela is a sketch duo. It would have made more sense to have Frangela up against ValleyFolk and Andrea against Drennon Davis. The styles would have been more similar that way. The judges gave Frangela the win but we wonder if they had competed against the ValleyFolk if the result would have been the same?

ValleyFolk vs. Drennon Davis

It was weird vs. weirder in this comedy clash and I think this one is the most clear cut. As strange as both acts were, it was pretty clear that ValleyFolk had the stronger act. Their sketch was bizarre with the robot with a bad bedside manner and yet, it was relatable. Drennon is funny too but the issue is that he may be TOO weird for a mainstream show like Bring the Funny. He would do better being an underground sensation.

Ali Siddiq vs. Orlando Leyba

This is the one that Lauren and Jackie totally disagreed with the judges. Sure, we interviewed Orlando last week on the show, but we just thought his act was funnier. Don’t get us wrong, Ali’s cool delivery and bit about playing basketball over 40 was great. But Orlando is something special. It’s a shame that he got eliminated. To see our interview with Orlando, check out the video below.

So, what did you think? Did you agree with the judges or did they fail miserably? Let us know in the comments below or on the video.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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