The Blind Auditions: ‘The Voice’ Night 3 Recap

It’s the second week of The Voice’s Blind Auditions, and Kelly Clarkson still hasn’t gotten her country contestant…yet. We’re used to seeing a friendly competition between Blake and Adam, but this week, Kelly takes his spot. She makes it known that her mission to add a country artist to her team is still going strong, and Blake cannot get in her way. Will she get it done? We’ll find out. Let’s round up tonight’s contestants.

Dave Finland (Team Blake)

Opening the night with a bang, we have Dave from Texas singing Help Me Hold On. Right away, Kelly was the one to turn around followed by Blake. This was just the beginning of the Kelly vs Blake rivalry of tonight. Blake encouraged him to stick to his genre because he believes he could make a huge mark in country music. Meanwhile, Kelly says that she could help him be a well-rounded singer. Ultimately, Dave’s mom took the lead as a huge Blake Shelton fan, and Dave joined his team.

Steve Memmolo (Team Adam)

Next on the stage is Ben Affleck, we mean Steve. This Affleck look-a-like chose to sing the song Spooky and surprised the judges when they turned around because his voice didn’t match his appearance. Adam even says that if Affleck could sing like Aretha Franklin, that would be a good description for Steve. Although Jennifer pleaded to get him on her team, he went with Adam.

Audri Bartholomew (Team JHud)

Growing up into music with her dad, Audrey is no stranger to the stage. Choosing the song Never Enough earned her brownie points because it happens to be a song that Jennifer Hudson loves. From the beginning, Jennifer was so into the performance was was the first and only judges to turn around. Jennifer even got on stage with her and they sang a duet of the song together, already showing what a strong bond the two will have throughout Season 15

Rachel Messer (Team Blake)

This West-Virginia small town girl is ready for some big city dreams as she takes the stage to perform I Wanna Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart. She captures Kelly’s heart and has her turn around right away, followed by…you guessed it, Blake.

Adam jokes that he just watched Kelly’s dreams get shattered in real time, however, she still does her best to advocate for Rachel to join her team. When it comes to a decision, Blake continues to take the lead on country artists and she joins his team.

Brent Morgan

Brent came into the blind auditions hopeful and performed to the song Feel It Still. After working in music full time through live streaming and production, he felt that this would be something completely different. Unfortunately, her performance didn’t cut it enough to have a judge turn around but they encouraged him to come back and try again next season.

Chevel Shepard (Team Kelly)

Describing herself as a 4’ 10” big personality with a big voice, 16-year-old Chevel is a force to be reckoned with. Singing If I Die Young and causing both Kelly, Blake, and Jennifer to turn around, this girl has already made her mark on this season. Chevel is exactly what Kelly has been hoping for, and she fought for her by saying that she was just in her place at 16. Blake rebuttals by saying that he knows how to navigate Chevel’s talent through The Voice process. Jennifer gives up and tunes into the Kelly vs Blake show and lone and behold Kelly Clarkson earns herself her first female country singer on her team. Way to go Kelly!

Bryan Cherry

This Virginia native performed to the song Nothing Can Change This Love, however, it was not enough to get the judges to turn around this time. They complimented him on his performance, but sadly, it didn’t make the cut.

Delaney Silvernell (Team Kelly)

After giving up wrestling to focus on singing, Delaney made the jump to move to LA. Choosing to sing the song In My Blood, she had Kelly turn around right away. Kelly tells her that she reminds her of herself and feels that she can truly find her tone in being her coach. That adds another person to Team KC.

Anthony Arya (Team Adam)

Before Anthony steps on stage, he says he’s hoping to work with Adam. Performing to the song Danny’s Song, Anthony achieves his goal and immediately gets Adam’s attention. He is the only one to turn around, leaving Anthony to join Team Adam.

Natasha Greycloud (Team JHud)

Choosing the song I’m Not the Only One, Natasha says that she wanted Kelly to turn around because she was the first person she ever watched win something like this. During her performance, Jennifer and Kelly turned around at nearly the same time. Jennifer even commented on how much Natasha sounded like Kelly and continued to advocate for her to join her team. Natasha has a change of heart and said her gut told her to go with Team JHud.

Lynnea Moorer

Occasionally, the song choice tends to hurt the contestants and this seems to be the care for Lynnea who chose Location to perform. The judges said that there were too many notes to fully grasp her voice, and Kelly had her sing something much slower during her critique. This performance resulted without a chair turn, but luckily she was chosen by the 5th judge to join the Comeback Stage.

Kymberli Joye (Team Kelly)

Being no stranger to music, Kymberli spends a lot of her time performing on tours with a gospel group. She says that Jennifer would be a no-brainer to choose but she’d be happy to work with Kelly as well. Singing to the song Run To You, she quickly had both Kelly and Jennifer turn their chairs, followed by Blake. To Jennifer’s shock, Kelly blocked her which easily opened the door for that favor to be returned later in the season. Blake attempts to advocate for Joye, but she ultimately picks a very enthusiastic Kelly.

So there’s your final Night 3 contenstants. Do you have any early favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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