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Belly Dancer Who Tragically Burnt Half Of Her Body Now Embracing Her New Look

Belly Dancer Who Tragically Burnt Half Of Her Body Now Embracing Her New LookInstagram

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Samantha Diaz has been dancing for over 15 years. The beauty from Lima, Peru is well-experienced in Bellydance, Samba, Flamenco, Bollywood, Latin Ballroom, Cabaret, Snake Charmer, South American Traditional dance and Contemporary. She went through a very difficult time in her life when a fire accident left her with first, second and third-degree burns across 40% of her body.

Fire Survivor Samantha Diaz Inspires People With Her Story

Samantha was doing a performance that required her to light a fire prop backstage in 2018. The entire thing engulfed in flames and caused her to get severe burns. She was rushed to the hospital where she stayed for a month and a half. Samantha had skin grafts taken from her back and thighs to help the burns on her arms and legs heal. She underwent four surgeries and multiple procedures. Her sisters started a GoFundMe page to raise money to help Samantha financially during her recovery. The page has raised over $50,000.

“The support of people has been incredible, not realizing how many people I’ve actually have made an impact prior and after the fire,” she told Talent Recap exclusively. “Now I have more people reaching out that went through going through similar experiences, so my prescriptive and journey gives them strength and inspiration which makes me happy that I can be at help who are going through difficult times.”

“I decided that I was not going to be a victim of this experience, so I am consciously choosing to see the good,” she wrote on her website after the accident. “I knew I had to make peace and love myself the way I look now. Slowly but surely, I began to appreciate how incredible my skin is to be able to heal after such a traumatic experience. If I loved my body before the accident, I love it 100 times more today for how strong and resilient it is.”


After physical therapy, her walking improved and her arms grew stronger. She was able to dance in public for the first time again and inspire millions of people all over the world. Samantha, now 36, has performed at the Apollo Theater, Bollywood Music Awards, United Nations, Radio City Music Hall and so much more. She also choreographed belly dance routines for the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance in Ukraine.

“What keeps me motivated, is the love for this life experience and my loved ones” she told Talent Recap exclusively. “Knowing that with each day we wake up there a new chance to create a better world for ourselves and others just by being in a good state of being and having good intentions in each of our actions and thoughts.”

She Embraces Her Body And Has Shared Her Healing Journey With The World

Samantha has continued to post inspiring quotes and photographs on social media. She is the creator of Dance Soul Essentials along with her sisters. The company sells unique merchandise and put on special dance events before the pandemic. In 2020, she got certified as a pilates instructor and teaches every Thursday.

She also uploads videos to her YouTube channel including her transformation journey.


Samantha posted a reflective post two years after the fire. “I challenge you to consciously breathe, pray and meditate every day (even if it’s 1min) just by being grateful, visualizing the world you want to see and sending healing light to all beings. Shine your radiant light by being the best version of you” she wrote on Instagram.

In another stunning post, Samantha told her followers to “send love to your cells.”

Samantha has an upcoming benefit show that will be streamed online via Zoom in February. “It’s a benefit show for an artist/drummer that is going through illnesses in the hospital…so I have produced an online event with TOP belly dancers in the community to come together and create this benefit show to help our brother artist in need,” she told us. In March, she will take part in a dance festival called “Art of the Belly.” “I’ll be performing and teaching a couple of dance workshops,” she said.


Sharing her journey and being so vulnerable with the entire world is nothing short of inspirational. Samantha Diaz is the definition of a strong woman and we are so blown away by her beautiful story as a fire survivor.

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