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‘AGT’ Champion Shin Lim Reveals Career Ending Injury and Depression

Jill O'Rourke

Jill O'Rourke

"AGT" winner Shin Lim in the hospital with a hand injury

Season 13 AGT winner Shin Lim recently opened up about the hand injury that nearly ended his career as a magician. Shin relies on the use of his hands in his card tricks, and he says the experience sent him into a depression and doing drugs.

In a new video on his YouTube channel, Shin speaks to a fellow magician named Alex Magix, who also suffered a hand injury. They discuss how they’ve recovered and how it affected their talent for sleight of hand.

“AGT” winner Shin Lim discusses his hand injury and recovery.

‘AGT’ Winner Shin Lim‘s Hand Injury

About three years ago, Shin severed his left thumb tendon while rehearsing an illusion. A piece of plastic went into his thumb, right down to the bone. He had an operation, which left some of the tendon stuck to his skin. This makes certain movements difficult. While a thumb injury may not be the worst thing for most people, it is devastating if you are one of the world’s best slight-of-hand magicians.

“The recovery was about six months for me, doing a lot of drugs, because I was so depressed,” Shin shared. “Even though I technically healed within nine months, I was still depressed for like a year and a half, because I wasn’t able to do the moves.”


Shin said he even tried learning an entire routine using just one hand. He added that physical therapy helped him a lot. And look at him now! Not only did Shin Lim win AGT last year, but he also won AGT: The Champions, and now has a Las Vegas show.

Shin Lim: All performances on America’s Got Talent

Alex Magix Shares His Hand Injury Story

Shin also spoke to a fellow magician, Alex Magix, whose hand was bitten by a dog. He underwent three surgeries, and says the sensitivity in the area of the injury hasn’t returned yet. The movement of his thumb is also restricted.

Shin said he considered himself lucky when he saw the extent of Alex’s injury compared to his. Alex was told he may never be able to pick up a deck of cards again. However, he’s still practicing magic and posting videos.

“Envision yourself healing, and envision yourself being able to do it, and just push through the depression,” Shin told anyone going through something similar.

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