Australian Pole Dancer Kristy Sellars Shines on The ‘AGT’ Stage

Corey Cesare
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Kristy Sellars Auditions for 'America's Got Talent'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

America’s Got Talent leaked Kristy Sellars impressive pole dance audition early and it’s already becoming quite the buzz. Kristy brings together the arts of animation and pole dancing for a one of a kind performance.

On June 17, America’s Got Talent released Kristy Sellars pole dancing audition early. Before beginning her routine, Kristy explained that she’s from Australia and is happily a mother of three. She has trained in multiple dance styles, but primarily chooses to do pole dancing. Ahead of her audition, the judges commented their thoughts on the type of act. While Sofia Vergara expressed that she could never do pole dancing, Simon Cowell called it “pointless.”

Once Kristy’s performance began, it was clear that her act twists up the expectation of pole dancing. Many were shocked to see the America’s Got Talent logo disappear behind the dancer. Instead of the show’s logo, there was a moody street landscape.

Other than the pole, Kristy uses a suitcase as a prop on stage. After performing multiple tricks (including one where she held herself upside down), she used the suitcase as a portal that changed the background. As the background changed, she interacted with its movements and characters. Even though Kristy was mostly going up and down the pole, the background movement makes it feel like she’s doing much more.

Halfway through the audition, the judges began complimenting the act. Immediately after it finished, most of the celebrity judges gave her a standing ovation. The camera work made it clear that Cowell didn’t join the other judges in standing until much later. The early release ended before any of the judges were able to say anything about this act.

Who is Kristy Sellars?

Since the early release published, America’s Got Talent fans are dying to know who Kristy is. Her social media states that she has founded multiple businesses including PhysiPole Studios, Enviro Grip, The Enviro Company, and Pole Scription. In 2019, this dancer premiered her talent in her home country on Australia’s Got Talent. Kristy danced her way into each round of the Australia’s Got Talent competition and ultimately earned the grand prize.

In each performance on Australia’s Got Talent, Kristy also meshed together the worlds of pole dancing and animation. This dancer’s insane background images are made by professional animator/3D generalist, Jan Zavadil. Zavadil’s website clarifies that he began working freelance in 2017 and is currently employed by Kristy, and her business PhysiPole Studios.

Ahead of America’s Got Talent, Kristy has over 20,800 followers on Instagram, over 21,000 on TikTok, and over 14,000 subscribers on YouTube. While her content generally sticks to pole dancing, she has also shared videos talking about money basics, how to mortgage, what the stock market is, and more.

Tune into America’s Got Talent on Tuesday to see what the judges think of Kristy’s audition. We hope to see more from this dancer in the future.

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